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More Signature and downpayment questions

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Sorry for the dumb questions, but I combed the forum's and couldn't find consolidated answers to the following (I'm also just new to the idea of owning at Tesla):

As of now, I'm #256 on the Canada Production Tesla X list.

1. How do you upgrade from the production lineup to the signature lineup (phone call?)
2. Is the Signature edition a Production vehicle with special features or is it some sort of *beta* edition?
3. Assuming Signature folks can also downgrade to Production at anytime?
4. Will there be a net price difference? I.e. am I overpaying for either the Production or Signature because I'm getting it early?
5. Assuming for all down payments you can get a refund at anytime (from now until your # comes up?)
6. Does Gen III have anything to do with the Model X?

thanks folks and again sorry for the newbie questions



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    Farhan: Others may chime in with info but I will try my best as I have both a Sig X and Production X reservation

    1. In US you can upgrade online. I did call as I wanted to send in a check for the additional deposit versus wire transfer.

    2. Sig offers 'loaded' X (all current bells and whistles) and a paint choice or two/interior color unavailable to Production X. As it will be the first X off the production line you might consider it a 'beta' model but I think TM has proven they can deliver good mass production vehicles so I would not consider it a Beta.

    3. You can downgrade to Production level. However, you do not go to the front of the line for a production X, you go to the end of the line. This is why many people, like myself, have two reservations. On Sig and one P. If you like the Sig then both deposits go towards the Sig purchase. If there are many features you don't want on the Sig (and don't want to pay for) then you apply the two deposits to the P without losing your place 'in line'.

    4. There will probably be a premium to the Sig versus loaded production model. The Sig S owners called this the 'Sig tax'. For that Sig tax you got your vehicle early and with exclusive color choices. Some feel it is worth it some don't

    5. Yes

    6. No
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    Farhan - I currently have a P85 Model S. So I have been through this once. (Tried to upgrade to a Sig S, but it was full.)

    admjr, has described it exactly as I understand it and how it unfolded for me during my S purchase.

    Best of luck to you.

    admjr - Did not know that about the Sig reservation vs the regular reservation. I currently have a Sig reservation. Now you have me thinking about getting a regular too, to allow my flexibility. Thanks for the post/info.
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    Amazing answers folks and very fast.

    I never thought about having two reservations, but now you have me thinking about it.

    #4 is the most worrying for me. I do want to get the best Model X suited for me. Is there an "Early tax" for those in the production queue? i.e. will the Premium model come out later than the delivery of both the Production and Signature versions upon release?

    thanks again for the fast and helpful responses.

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    I would love to get a signature Model X mainly to get one 6 months to a year quicker. However, I did not reserve a Signature model because I doubt I would want to pay for all the extra options it is likely to come with. It will probably be north of $105,000 US dollars if it is priced comparable to the model S...
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    I have a Model S Signature. A Signature isn't a beta. The betas had lesser materials and were not as refined. I test drove a beta.

    There was some overlap between late Signatures and early production vehicles. For some, having a Signature didn't make more than a couple weeks, or days difference. Higher production reservation numbers that upgraded to a Signature got a several month jump.

    The thing that made all the difference for me with the Sig tax was the option for Signature Red and the "white" interior. I just don't feel the love for any of the other colors.

    The Model S Sigs do have some extra special trim features where there is chrome instead of plastic and other little details.
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    @fnthawar: Just be aware that Tesla is unlikely to deliver according to a strict schedule, and certain trim lines might be quite delayed. That's what's going on during Model S roll-out in Europe now, and that's what happened when the Model S was originally introduced in 2012. Order what you want and be ready to pay for it, and have patience.
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    The Premium models are likely to be the first after Signatures, as they most resemble them in supply and production. The most expensive models were the first off the line after Sigs in North America.
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