'The Electron Emporium'

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I had the opportunity to ask Elon a question last week in London...'In terms of fast charging. Wireless charging, and battery swapping - how do you think they all figure in the mix - and will one of them if at all will ultimately prevail?' His answer was that fast charging will prevail - but I figure that battery swap and wireless will increasingly figure where appropriate. In metro areas with Taxis and Buses and Vans I think it can accelerate adoption and offer a different business case. I'm 100% convinced that if Nikola Tesla were around today he would be pushing hard on wireless as it diminishes battery reliance. There are key players around the world finessing the technology - not least Qualcomm who are on a march with it I think! I would appreciate and respect that you sell what you make not what you might make - so I guess that was the flavour of his answer. Anyone like to express their thoughts?...
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