Tesla Competitors?

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What would some of these emerging competitors to tesla have to do to be prominent player in electric transportation?

Example Link:

Would anyone (you) here consider any of these emerging EV companies?

My Personal Opinion: is that the world is ready for new EV companies to replace the exisiting manufactures.

I love to hear everyones thoughts on the above subjects.



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    These guys are way behind the curve. Hope they find angel investors.
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    They may be behind, but do you think we will ever see another company like TESLA emerge?
    & what would this said company have to offer to convicnce you to choose them over TESLA?
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    This is The USA it's just a matter of time before someone comes up with something better. We are the most inventive people in the world.
    AND if you are not American you come to The US with your invention.
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    That is true, very true.
    That aspect didn't even cross my mind; I see that one commercial all the time saying how the USA is "the innovation nation..."
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    Detroit Electric wont pull it off, missed before they'll miss this time. There will be competition coming but everyone is about five years behind
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    The BMW i8 and Cadillac ELR are two Model S "competitors" that come to mind, but when I read their specs, I laughed. Neither is fully electric, and they get 22 and 35 miles per charge, respectively, before switching to their gasoline engine. Is there another fully electric car that comes close to matching to the MS? Nothing that I know of. Most are boxy, small, and purely afterthoughts from companies that don't want to cannibalize their own ICE sales.
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    Some of what the media calls competitors to the Model S are of the "me too" variety. However, you can't compete with the S on the car alone. Tesla did not just design a car, they designed a new way to manufacture it, sell it, and support it. That is a lot to overcome for some of the established companies.

    IMHO, the strategy for competing with Tesla is to either join them (standardization) or enter the market via a niche product (like Tesla did with the Roadster).

    One company that comes to mind is Lightning Motorcycle Corp. ( They are the real deal in competitive motorcycle racing. Imagine the grin of electrically accelerating up to 218mph. Heck, don't imagine it, watch this video at about the 2 minute mark:
    Competitive racing is one of the best ways to innovate, and Lightning is building quite a lead.

    Other niche that I see ripe for exploitation is the urban delivery/contractor vehicle. Nissan definitely has the capability to do an electric version of the NV200 leveraging some of their Leaf technology. Ford is already quietly doing the same with their Transit Connect. Imagine you are a plumber, painter, caterer, etc. then drive to a job and recharge at the site while you work - that adds to profits and could be a game changer for small contractors.

    If we all agree with Elon and Tesla that the future is electric, then we can be sure that competition will definitely come, that's for sure.
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    As I posted elsewhere, one SC installer REALLY wants a Tesla pickup to widen the range of jobs he can bid on. Fuel costs are a b.i.i.g.g. factor.
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    I expect that by the time my 8 year old grandson is ready to drive there will be many choices of EVs for him to choose from. But for the present I love my MS and do not believe that, today, there is anything that comes close to this engineering marvel.
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    How about a Chinese ripoff of the model S coming up in the next few years? If it has the range and doesn't blow up like the BYD's this could be a good development.

    A state owned company called BAIC wanted to buy the remainings of Fisker and compete with the Model S in 2015. While a dose of cynicism is welcomed one advantage they do have is that they don't have to cannibalize their existing products. And they can as a state owned company use anti competitive tactics to increase sales within China, at least.

    Plus, perhaps the Nissan leaf and BMW i3 should be given more credit, these are the first versions. In a sense they can be compared to the Tesla Roadster.
    Seems like 2016 will be the breakthrough year.
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    A Nissan Leaf with a bigger battery and proper tyres (instead of long range tyres) should theoretically be quite a good small car, right?

    Tesla succeeds by trying to be a great car first, and then also be economical.

    (I look forward to the day where people start thinking "what? this car isn't full at the beginning of every day? I have to refuel once a week?... or more often to make sure I don't get stuck?").
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    (sorry, by long range tyres I mean low resistance etc, drive further with less energy).
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    There is no real competition for the tesla Model S/X....

    I have a reservation for a Model X, but I will cancel it next year if I get a BMW i3. I actually like the little I3 with the REx engine. I can do 90+% for my driving on electricity and only need gas for 5-10% of the time...

    Yes I fully believe that the a model X will be a much better car, but it is also likely to start at $80 and quickly clip $100k with the larger pack and a few basic options. The i3 will be $50k loaded.

    I also, I simply see little hope that the model X will go into full production before summer of 2015. Since I have a high reservation number I see no way I could get one before the end of 2015.

    In addition to having to wait two years for the Model X, It will be very hard for me to ignore the price difference if I like the i3 and it meets my needs.
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    I, personally, would like to see a true competitor emerge that poses a real challenge to the Tesla lineup if, and I do mean IF, and when a manufacturer does manage to produce a full electric vehicle that at least meets the same performance, functionality, and real world market viability as the Tesla's instead of some also ran/wannabes...It'd be nice to see other manufacturers getting their mindsets on the same page as we all share this world with one another.
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