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Northern VA to Central NJ - first timer

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I'm planning my first long distance trip in our S85 from Northern VA to Tinton Falls, NJ. Obviously, I will stop at the Newark, DE supercharger. But destination charging is my concern, especially if the supercharger is unavailable. My folks only have 110V outlet in their garage, and won't be letting me pay for a 240. Ugh. So, what to do here to minimize hassle and time? I literally just signed up on chargepoint and plugshare. On plugshare, I see two homes very close to where I need to be, but I'm not sure about pinging a stranger like that (maybe I need to just get over it). Anyway, please let me know if you have thoughts/recommendations/experience. Thanks in advance!


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    I have not used any stranger's chargers yet but it seems to me that if they list themselves on Plugshare they have to expect some visits. I would just give them plenty of notice and let them know what your charging need is going to be. Both chargers listed are j1772 so you are going to need several hours. Hope your trip goes smoothly.
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