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What's the holdup with NJ SuperCharger?

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I live near Washington DC and hope to drive to New England with my 60 kWh Model S. However, I can't quite make it from Newark DE to Darien CT, and have been waiting for the NJ Turnpike and/or G.S. Parkway to get a SuperCharger. In view of the fact there are now 11 chargers operating in California, and this is the one gap that prevents travel from Virginia to Boston for many of us, what the heck is the holdup in New Jersey? (Or, phrased more constructively, does anyone know if any progress is being made in NJ?) Does anyone have an accurate update on the situation, and if there's a resolution in sight? Thanks.


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    It's NJ so I would suspect politics is at the root of the issue.
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    Rumour that one is going in in Edison NJ. Rumour that the Turnpike Authority does not want to host Superchargers because they only work for Teslas.

    One option (not great) would be to go to the Tesla store at the Garden State Plaza which is right off the Garden State Parkway. They have a HPWC that could charge you while you eat or shop or take in a movie. Huge mall. Then you could be on track to the CT Superchargers.
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    JFK airport being built now, but that is off the track for CT. Maybe we will get one in Newark airport soon.
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