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Falcon wing doors will help resale value. True or False?

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I currently have a reservation for a Model X, but I am not sure I will actually take delivery. One thing that worries me is the value of the car after the Gen 3 cars go into production. I can't justify spending so much money for a car/toy that will potentially lose $10k per year in value or more.

But will the falcon wing doors help? I keep thinking about the DeLorean with its gull wing doors. Even after 30 years, everyone still knows exactly what they are, even people who have never seen one in person. I just checked and used DeLoreans are selling for more than their original MSRP. Because the Model X will be so unique, will its value be able to withstand a Gen 3 SUV? Will I be throwing away thousands of dollars just because "I want one"?


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    The Gen III SUV is so far off that I do not think you should worry about this, unless you are willing to wait a really long time. The Model E, which is to follow the Model X is not due out for another 2-3 years. That should be an indicator that a compact SUV will not be in the works for at least five years after the release of the Model X.
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    The DeLoreans sell for a lot nowadays because they are a discontinued classic/novelty car. Let's hope that doesn't happen to Tesla (I don't believe it will).
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    I'm curious what the price of a DeLorean would be if not for <i>Back To The Future</i>.
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    Note that there will be a Model EX, too. Wonder if its doors will be falconized.
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    Also, don't know this, but would love it if Tesla co-developed the Model E and Model EX simultaneously.
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