Sunpass and Tesla in Florida



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    Tried to move my external unit from my 2014 Model S85 to my new Model X100D. SC mounted it near the intake of the front bumper with some plastic ties. Did not work at all when I entered or exited the turnpike. I moved it to the area in the frunk behind the Tesla logo. Pretty snug but with wire ties I got it mounted. Unfortunately, it was spotty if it would work in the sunpass lane. Went out and bought a suction cup unit, mounted it below the rear view mirror (right side so I do not see it) and works great.
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    Using a portable SunPass transponder (the little brick with suction cups) on my Model 3 - On the roof glass, centered and against the front edge without any issues.

    It looks better, as you don't see anything on the windshield.
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