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If Model X does not work for me, then what?

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The range is the issue for me. I have a house 200 miles away. Drove the S and all sounded good with a 300 mile range. That gets me there fine. But now I see its rated at 265 miles. Its not recommended that you 100% charge once a week maybe. Can you 100% charge from a J1772? I am reading folks are seeing numbers just north of 265 fully charged. In addition, consider its a mild climb to the area, then a steep climb for the last mile, do this in winter in what I call "life or death" conditions. The climbs calculate out to about 7 miles each. Then the X is projected to maybe equal or 10% less range because of the higher body, and 4wd. And you will need some heating. Of course who knows. Then the supercharging map shows no SC stations north of Milford CT thru 2015. So its pretty marginal. So lets just say it does not work. What do you suggest?

1. Keep the old SUV for the long trip, and pick up a i3 for fun around town? Leaf,Smart4/2e,Prius Plug In

2. Wait 5 years for new technology developments. Maybe 400 miles tops, with 250 miles worst case.

3. Go Diesel now, and then Tesla later.

4. Other interesting proposals. What would you do?

5. Wait 2 years of Volvo/Others Plug In Hybrid?



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    #3 is my choice. Plan on getting a TDI sportwagen.
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    Mileage improves drastically as you slow down. You should be able to give yourself enough slack "on the go".
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    By the time the X is available to you the charger situation will be much improved.

    And you will get all that range back when you go the other direction. Downhill.

    Put an X on deposit then see what things look like a year and a half from now when you can actually get an X.
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