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Bergen County Car Wash

Can someone tell me where is the best car wash to go in Bergen County that is brushless.? Also any resolution on the EZPass tag and/or radar detector issues with the windshield?



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    I use Only By Hand or OBH in HoHoKus when it is too cold to do myself

    I tried the ez pass everywhere it was recommended and could not get it to read consistently so I gave up and put it on the outside. Little ugly but works every time.
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    On YELP there are 8 reviews of OBH, and 6 of them give the place 1 star saying they had bad experiences there. How has your experience been?

    I work in HoHoKus and have been hesitant to go there based on the reviews.
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    It is a small place so it can be a long wait to get the car done. I think you get a slightly better job than the automatics. I think the risk of getting the paint damaged there is a lot lower than in the machine places although I would like to see them rinse their rags more often as they do the washing. I really like to wash the car myself and I take my time so I can catch the spots I have missed. They have to move along so it is not always perfect. The wheels were really dirty one time and they kind of didn't do much for that as they power wash the wheels. $20 and they do a fairly thorough job on the inside and dress the tires. I looked at the yelp reviews and most of the complaints were about service hours and attitude. Both valid issues.
    Problem is in this weather it is either wash it in the garage or let someone else do it.
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    I've used Englewood Auto Spa and had a good experience.

    RE: EZ Pass -- the front mounted license plate EZ Pass works great!
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    Been using a Car wash right near the entrance to Overpeck park in Leonia. When coming off the ramp on 80 it is right after the entrance to Overpeck and before Grand Avenue. They do a great job. I think it is called Leonia Car Wash.
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    I use the hand car wash on River Road in Edgewater (hmmm, may be iust a little in Hudson County) and have been pleased with them.
    I also was able to put the easy pass just to the right of the rear view mirror and the Turnpike always reads it as I drive through.
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    I have been using a car wash in Dumont. Just east of Washington ave. on Madison ave. Terrific work. They seem closed for the winter, I expect they will start up this weekend.
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