Model X

Prototype in southern California

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We had been looking since we put our reservation in for a place to actually see a Model X, with no luck. After following a lead from a helpful MS owner, we drove down to the Hawthorne, California supercharger, and there in the waiting room was a beautiful white X. It is truly thrilling to see one in person, and be able to look inside, even if you could not touch it or get inside. Just seeing one gives you a much better idea of what a great car it is.

Apparently, it has been down there for several months. I would hope that corporate Tesla would make this info more available to the 7000+ of us who have put down hefty deposits on a car that we have never even seen, instead of the line given that there "were no prototypes available to be seen at this time".


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    The waiting room is actually the Tesla Design Center lobby. The current prototype has been there since Thanksgiving week. I did a double take the first time I saw it. Beautiful.
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