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Have you sat in a Model X prototype? Front doors bigger than Model S?

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I'm wondering if the front doors are sufficiently large / B pillars far enough back that it won't be as difficult to get into and out of as the Model S is. It's my one serious gripe about the Model S. For such a huge car, it's a tighter squeeze than most small cars I've been in. And of course, the leather on the B pillar in my S is pretty well trashed after a year of squeezing past it.


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    I'm curious... I am about to do a test drive in a Model S in a couple of weeks... I am 5'9" and 175 lbs... do you think my body will rub against the B pillar too?
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    I don't think you need to worry. The B pillar should be completely worn off by then. (just kidding) I have been in more than one Model S, and do not recall even touching the B pillar let alone rub against it. When I do rub against the B pillar of any car it is usually because I am not able to open the door sufficiently.
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    I am 6'4" and weight 245# and have no difficulty getting in or out of the Model S Also 70 years old.
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    Shows that the critical element is the control center. :)
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    It looks like the front doors are that same size, if other people are wondering how high up the falcon wing doors open, in the Model X Reveal event Elon stands next to the Model X just below the rear doors, Elon is according to Google 5 foot 11 so, in theory the doors open to the max height of about 6 feet.
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