Who are the 3G Data provider in Europe?

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Is it AT&T or an european provider?


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    no, it is the spanish Telefonica
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    So that means O2 in the UK if they are using them over all Europe.
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    Up in Scandinavia it is Teliasonera. But a simple lookup reveals that my location is Spain, and IP address is from Telefonica. So, one big VPN all over Europe with gateway to the internet in Madrid one can assume. (this also means that if you log on to Facebook from the car, your account is immediately blocket. It also means many sites are screwed up because of geotargeting. Perhaps this setup should be reconsidered.
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    can anyone confirm that this is the case?
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    what is in germany the ISP ? Vodafone ?

    what happens when i drive to switzerland ?

    do i have additional costs ?
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    The 3G is just way to slow ! What about 4G ?
  • ykyk
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    what happens when I reach Russia on TeslaS from EU?
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    "what happens when I reach Russia on TeslaS from EU?"

    Then your car gets stolen before you reach 100km inland as the borderguards "inform" their russian mob buddies about your beautiful car.

    Those mobsters will then run into the same problem as you would have (if you car did not get nicked) and that's that you will need to recharge somewhere. EV Charging infrastructure is challenging (to put it mildly).
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