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It important for travelers to Vegas to know where in Vegas to charge their Model S's because an owner will need at least 180 miles of range once he leaves Vegas to make it safely back to the Barstow Supercharger. I already know from first-hand experience that the Palazzo valet has two Roadster HPWCs and has Roadster to Model S adaptor cables.

The following are new rumors based on postings on Plugshare and Recargo:

Does the Bellagio valet now have an HPWC? Is it for a Model S?

The Venetian self-park structure has had a Roadster HPWC for a long time on level 6. However it did not have an adaptor cable. Did the Venetian recently obtain a Roadster to Model S adaptor cable? (The Palazzo dies not lend out its adaptor cables to the Venetian even though they sister properties).

The Cosmopolitan has had a Roadster HPWC for a long time, but did not have an adaptor cable. Did the Cosmopolitan recently obtain a Roadster to Model S Adaptor cable?

Has any other Vegas Casino-Hotel recently installed or is installing an HPWC?

Please do not repost what is posted on Plugshare or Recargo. I am asking for people who are or were onsite to confirm these new rumors. Also we are all aware of the Supercharger being installed downtown at 701 Esst Bridger Avenue. I am asking about HPWCs at Vegas Casino-Hotels.


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    The local service center has been trying to work with local properties to get them to install HPWCs by giving the units away. The property pays for installation. I suggest you call the service center and ask which properties are taking advantage of the program. Jessica, Eden or Tony should be able to give you some information.

    The best source for chargers in Las Vegas is the locator map at Stan does a great job with that and has helpful notes that plugshare and recargo don't have.

    Of course the SC will help a great deal. My best guess is that they are within days of being done.
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    Bellagio is still working on installation.
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    I was there during New Year 2014. I drove to Aria and do Valet parking. I asked the Valet Attendant if he could charge my car for me and he say no problem as long as I have the cable.
    After that I walked back to my hotel and check my phone, it was plugged in and start charging. It takes about 7 hrs to fully charge since I only have about 50 miles or so.

    At Aria, there are 2 Valet parking area. One in front and one in the back. If you go to the back, it will be faster since the charging is at the back. The front Valet parking area will work but will take longer.

    Hope this help
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    Are you unable to use the V3 Supercharger underneath the High Roller or do you need something that is more location specific?
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    I've used many of the HPWCs in Las Vegas, but have switched to the V3 250kW Supercharger right on the strip.

    Best to use the Destination Chargers if you have an extended stay at one of the hotels.
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    Lot's of new Super charger since this thread started.
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