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Model X tires

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Does anyone know what type of tires would be required for the Model X?

I know the model S requires high performance tires which equates to expensive, would this be the case for the model X?

Can anyone give an estimate on what the life expectancy of a set of tires would be and the cost of replacement for a model x?


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    I think you can count on tires that are going to be at least $200 each. A little early to speculate though.
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    The X will be a high performance XUV much like a Porsche Cayanne so, yes, they will be similarly spec'd. IMHO.

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    Or a Cayenne, even. ;p
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    The prototype has Continental SportContact 2 tires. I can see a 105Y on the tire from a picture, which is probably the 265/40ZR21. Those run a scary $405 each on

    Of course, there is a good chance the brand and size will change for production, and there will probably be a less expensive tire for the base model, so who knows. I'd say $200 each is probably a good guess.
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