Model X

Roof Rack System possible?



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    Remember, folks, this is not a gas-powered vehicle, where traveling with stuff on the roof just gives you bad gas mileage, so you buy more gas. Having a kayak on the roof of an aerodynamic EV will reduce RANGE by 25% on the highway.

    A Model X with only a 135 mi range, after the range reduction from the roof load (60 KWh), would have trouble making it between a lot of Supercharger locations, plus you'd be sitting there for quite a while, since you'd have to fully charge at each one. Even an 85 would only have a 180 mile range. Is that enough to get you from the nearest Supercharger to your activity AND BACK?

    Isn't this a crossover, not an SUV? I thought that's what the "X" stood for.
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