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Pothole issues with this weather. Any suggestions for a P85+ car?

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I have a P85+. I've had 3 flat tires and bent rims since the weather really deteriorated here in the NorthEast.. Initially Service Center told me that I could not get the 19" radials on a P85+. Now I am told that if I sign a waiver, they will put on the radials but only for the winter. Ive only had my car for a couple of months before this happened so I don't know what I will experience during the rest of the year, but am hopeful that it won't be this bad. Any suggestions/advice would be much appreciated.


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    I have not had any issues with my 19" rims and Michelin snow tires. My car has gotten me back and forth to work(80 miles round trip)even during the worst of the snow storms.
    You can buy tires and rims at, have them shipped to your house, and any local service station can put them on.
    I bought the Rial Lugano rims and Michelin xIce3 tires from tirerack and put them on myself in the driveway.
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    I had 19 inch snow tires mounted on my original 19 inch rims and so far so good. The roads are going to continue to deteriorate as the weather remains bad. Many on the forum have reported the same issue you are having with the 21 inch rims and potholes.
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    you should *NOT* be driving on those 21s in winter time. unfortunately these is not communicated to owners at all. first off those tires are SUMMER PERFORMANCE tires. they are flat out DANGEROUS in winter and should NEVER be driving in this kind of weather. It is like ice skating. The compound that summer performance tires if made out of turns really hard solid in winter, and due to their low-profile nature hitting a pothole is basically like taking a sledgehammer directly to the rim. You should have a set of 19" winter tires and rims. Also, I would avoid the Rial Lugano's as one owner just bent 4 rims within 2 weeks. Sorry about your experience this is really just an "education" issue as many many many owners don't realize they should not be driving on this tires and rims at this time. (leave them for summertime...).
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    I got P85+ with 19" winter wheels
    It's tirerack setup
    Rial Lugano with Michelin ice tires
    Went through slush, ice and 15" of snow
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    I have been through 7 tires and 3 rims (21" wheels) within 8500 miles. Do not buy 21's for NJ driving. I now have 19's and have not had a problem yet. Tesla should not even sell these wheels for NJ cars. Its not if you will have a problem but when. The 19's are a different ride, but unless you can pay for tires and wheels every few thousand miles you shouldn't get them in NJ. The five 21's I have left are sitting in my office building in storage. If I don't sell them I will bring to the southwest with me when I move there.
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    I have been riding on 21" snow tires since December with no problems (knock on wood) so far. I am pretty particular about trying to avoid potholes, but you can't miss them all and I have hit a few big ones. The snows are made from a softer rubber, so I think they may be able to flex more when they hit the potholes and avoid damage to themselves and the rims - just a guess.

    BTW - I plan on leaving these tires on these rims and getting a new set of 19" summer tires and Rial rims for the summer.
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    I live in New York (Eastern end of Long Island), and I've had my car with the 21" performance wheels since December of 2012. I went all last winter without any problems whatsoever, and was even please with how well they handled the snow.

    However, this winter I got double flats (both front and rear passenger side tires) in February, and another flat this morning...The potholes have just been so bad this winter that I'm not going to risk another flat (and I've been watching like a hawk to avoid them!). I am now official no longer thinking about getting 19" wheels, and will definitely be purchasing them. I'll keep the 21" wheels on from April-November, and then swap out to the 19" wheels December-March. I'm not thrilled about having to do this...I love the look of the 21s, but I just can't deal with the risk and hassle any longer.

    I was thinking about getting Tesla's 19" Cyclone wheels, but I don't love the staggered blade pattern. So, even though I would prefer original Tesla equipment, I'm probably going to go with the new TSportline 19" turbine-style wheels, because they look pretty much exactly like Tesla's 21" turbine wheels:

    <img src="; width="500px"></image>

    Tesla Motors Club discussion of them here:
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