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I have a 2010 Roadster Sport 2.0 that I am considering selling as parts. The car runs great, everything is in excellent shape except for a bite taken out of the passenger door and sill. It turns out that it can be really expensive to repair the carbon fiber panels, and nobody seems to have used panels to sell. The car has only 18,000 miles, and everything else is perfect, and fully optioned. The battery charges to 176 ideal miles in standard mode, the car is Twilight Blue with paint armor, the windshield is solar guard, the wheels are forged, the suspension is adjustable, the exterior has the full bare carbon fiber treatment, the interior is full bare carbon fiber, as well as executive leather in black, with white inserts in the seats and door panels. The seats have adjustable lumbar support. The car has the electronics group, with the upgrade JVC CD/DVD/XM/Hard Disc/AM & FM/Navigation unit with subwoofer. I do not have a hardtop. I have one extra 110 volt charging cord. I am keeping the hi intensity discharge projector headlights for my new roadster, but I have a set of original halogen headlamp assemblies.


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    If you are interested in this, you can write to me directly at [email protected]
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    In response to other's questions, I have sent out the following further info: I was driving- the impact was suprisingly gentle, no airbag deployment or anything. Driving back to NY will require a big pillow or something to keep the frigid wind out of the open window. The car and battery are out of warranty, but the battery charges to 176 ideal miles in standard mode- close to new specs of 185 ideal miles. I have not tried opening the door.- it at least binds a bit, as the body panels have shards intruding, There does not appear to be any structural damage to the hinge, the major structural brace which crosses the door, the door frame, or the latch. The window glass and mechanism for opening are damaged, however. There is a dent in the aluminum uunderpan just below the rear edge of the door. I have a complete repair estimate from Tesla- The estimate includes replacement of the 'tub assembly'- the center portion of the frame- because my insurance coverage requires that the car be fully repaired to new specs- and the dent in the aluminum underpan just below the rear edge of the passenger door can't be hammered out to perfection. This part costs $14,761 plus 90 hours of labor at Tesla's rate of $175 per hour. If you omitted this the remainder of the repair (again at tesla dealership labor prices, and new replacement parts) comes to $22,081. There is some uncertainty in this, however, as the tub assembly may also include one of the body panels. I have an offer of $28,000 , and have told them I will take the best offer by Tuesday. The mileage on the ad is wrong- it says 19,000. It is closer to 21,000. The car includes only the 110 V charger cord. The car is at the dealer now, but I will take better photos tomorrow.
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    What photos? If you put up a link, I'll import a few of them here for you.
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