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Advantage to Signature?

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What do your think is the advantage to a Sig reservation. I know there are some special trims and colors made, but as far as the Model S goes, I felt kind of bad for the Sig owners, they missed alot of improvements in the first year. The big ones I see were (slower supercharging, inferior A/C system, door handles, etc) Granted some of these issues were resolved with retrofits but some I believe were not. Could any Sig Model S owners opine on any benefits I am missing, would like to reserve soon. Thanks.


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    Very good question, one that I would like answered too. The obvious ones I see are:

    - reserved colors not available to non-signature models (at least at first). I actually think this is a disadvantage, because I think the non-signature model-S had a wider range of colors that were preferable to me than the custom signature colors

    - fully loaded with features, again a disadvantage if you don't need/want all the features because you could save money with the non-signature model

    - the only real advantage I see (for me) is not having to wait as long

    You've also mentioned the disadvantage of missing out on improvements. Therefore IMHO the disadvantages out-number the advantages. That said, I may still get the signature series Model-X so that I can replace my aging vehicle sooner rather than later. If the Model-X options are desirable enough, that may further convince me to upgrade my reservation.

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    I'm struggling with the same issues. My X res # is 5344 and with Elon saying he wants to work on the design a little more (6-months later than i expected for first deliveries), I may be looking at mid-2015 now. On the issue of what the Sig would get you, I don't think even Elon could tell you so do you really want to jump in on it now?
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