Roadster 40 Amp Charger Advice/Purchase

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As a new "roadster owner to be", I'm trying to chase down a 40amp UMC and I'm having a hard time finding anyone who actually has one. The roadster I'm purchasing doesn't come with a charger and I'm hoping I can find one before it arrives.

Unless I can find one soon, it looks like my only option with be the HPC, but I was hoping to go the simpler/more convenient route of the UMC. Besides the following options, does anyone know anyone or possible have an idea or where I can find a working unit for sale?

1. Tesla Store - Sold Out
2. Ebay - Watching, Nothing So Far
3. Looking Through Both Main Forums
4. Called Service Centers - Still Waiting on Any Word Here

Sorry for the newbie post if this is in the wrong area and thanks for any help!


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