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Have not seen any WI presence on the Forum...

My Tesla is on its way from CA - Production complete and scheduled to arrive the Eden Prairie Service Center on March 10. Its final stop before delivery to West Central WI.

Still waiting to see my first Tesla in this part of the world. However, they may be there as I'm not all that observant.

I do have the convenience of a Supercharger 3 minutes from my house though.

Anyone else out there taken the plunge in this part of the world?



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    I'm in LaCrosse at the supercharger right now. Heading back to Massachusetts.
  • mrkmrk
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    Hope the trip went well!
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    Received my Model S about 1 month ago. I live in Fond du Lac. It's an amazing car, really enjoy driving it.
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    I'm in Pewaukee, between Milwaukee and Madison.

    In 2-3 weeks I'll take delivery of my new Grey MS P85+. The days move fast for everything except the wait for the car.
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    Wisconsin hotels with Tesla charging stations.

  • mrkmrk
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    Traded my P85 for the P85D... Late March Delivery... 11-months as a Tesla owner in Onalaska, WI. Very impressed - still.
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    I live in racine we get our model 85D next month
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    I just relocated to Fort Atkinson (30 min east of Madison) from Chicago. Wi seems pretty Tesla quiet.
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    We have been very early participants in supporting Tesla, and are have our third Model S. Our Signature was delivered on Christmas Eve 2012. The Delivery Technician spent several hours with us teaching all about. Our P85D Executive (no longer available) came in early 2012. Awoke on a snowy morning to find it in the yard with a 5 ft red ribbon and bow on the wind shield and hood. Have had no quality problems in 30,000 miles. Yesterday, we ordered a P100D with everything except Kids Reverse Seats. We live in Janesville and sold out Resort north of Black River Falls for enough to keep us and the kids in new Teslas and other wishes for the remainder of all our lives..
  • Dr. Bob: Awesome! I grew up in Janesville. When I visit I always feel like I have the only Tesla in town, but I guess I'm wrong!
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    I like the Facebook Tesla Group.
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    The WI Tesla Owners Group (facebook.com/groups/TeslaWI) is having a meet-and-greet Wednesday, February 15 at 6 PM at Chili's East Towne. They'd surely appreciate an RSVP so sign up for the group and look under Events for details. Unfortunately, I'm out of town that day and can't make it, but someday it would be nice to meet some more local owners.
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    Green Bay, Wi owner here.. Totally a minority. I remember reading an article dated Oct 2018 saying the TOTAL.. yes total of fully electric cars (not hybrids) is just under 2,000. wish i could find the article again. totally nuts.
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    I'm in Neenah. red
    AWD LR Model 3 Picked up Sept 8th 2018. I've seen at least 4 other red ones in Fox cities and Silver , white also . But expected to see more around by now.
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    Hey wiboater, Rocket Badger here, order in for the CybrTrk

    Southern WI has a TON of us!

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