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A Porsche Story - X marks the spot.

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FYI. I recently posted this on the Model S Forum but I thought Model X community would appreciate it too.

While reading one of my vintage car magazines, I read the following and I was quite surprised. I knew the Cayenne was successful for Porsche, I just didn’t realize how much it was. The breakdown is very illuminating. FWIW, the article was about a vintage 356 Roadster. What do you think?

“To look at Porsche’s lineup is to get a glimpse at how the premium automobile market is sliced and diced in the early 21st Century. Through the first three quarters of 2013, more than half of all new Porsches produced were Cayennes … the 911, accounted for 18%, the Boxster/Cayman twins were 16% , and the Panamera 13%.”

Hemming’s Sport & Exotic, February 2014. Article by David LaChance, page 25 “Putting on the Red.”


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    Yeah. This is why I suspect that the <b>Tesla Model X</b> will have higher sales numbers than the <b>Model S</b>. Some might hope that would mean the <b>Model X</b> would have a lower cost, due to economies of scale. But this is all about perception, and most will feel they are getting <i>'more'</i> with the SUV. So they won't mind paying a higher price for it.

    That said, the introduction of the new vehicle would be a good time to reduce the price of the <b>Model S</b> by perhaps 5-10%, allowing the <b>Model X</b> to become the new flagship.

    I want everyone to buy as many of the sedans and SUVs as possible, to keep <b>Tesla Motors</b> around long enough to release a <b>Model R Roadster</b>, or <b>Model Z Supercar</b> for me to drive. ;-)
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    This is not entirely surprising. I've seen you post that idea elsewhere Red Sage and I think that is plausible and a great idea. Tesla needs to get their battery prices down first though so the can maintain their margins (speaking as an investor).
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    I expect TM will go the route of added value rather than reduced price. Or maybe a mix?
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    Yes, I believe that it would be a mix... Added Value + Reduced Price. That's a very good way to put it, thanks!

    In this way, they could work on the <i>'perception'</i> of higher value in the SUV. The reduction in price would be to the Model S 60. The next highest price would be for the Model X 60. That would be followed by the Model S 85, then Model X 85, Model S P85 & P85+, with the Model X P85 and P85+ on the high end to start.

    I would not be surprised to see All Wheel Drive introduced with a Model S P135+ sometime after, with the Model X P135+ hot on its heels. I think that having a 135 kWh battery in the pipeline will drive down the price of the 60 kWh version. It would be nice if it occupied the price point of the the original 40 kWh Model S some day.
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