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The bump in the road has turned into a detour.

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- Sig reservation holder for 6 months
- Own a Model S VIN P03082
- Owned a 2012 GMC Acadia (nice SUV - wife's car)
- 80K miles on the Acadia and concerned about potential problems
- My wife is not sure about EVs and wanted to trade in now, so.....

We now own an 2014 Acura MDX. However I'm not going to give up my sig reservation quite yet.

Things superior/like better than my Model S
- Ease of getting in/out (Did a rough measurement of the MDX vs the S. It is about 10" taller. I believe the X will be 8" taller and gives me hope that the X will be much easier to get in/out of.)
- Lane departure warning
- Blind spot detection
- Guide lines when backing up
- Quick refueling on road trips

That's it. Now the MDX is better than the Acadia in almost every way except seating. The Acadia is larger and seats 7 more comfortably. So it is definitely a step up. But I have been spoiled. It is not even close to the S and I therefore assume not even close to the X.

I will hold the Sig reservation until my wife has had some time with the MDX and then has a chance to test drive the X. Don't know if that will be enough for her, but I hope so. Although the MDX is a great car and safe compared to other ICE vehicles it is still last century's tech.

Just a few things I find vastly superior in my S to the MDX.

- Acceleration
- Quiet
- Smother ride
- Better navigation (although the MDX is pretty good)
- Simplicity of operation. Buttons, buttons everywhere and I know not which to push, or pull, or slide, or twist, or bend, or flip, or toggle, or tap or oar. Well you get the idea.
- Not having to go to the gas station (in town....still like the fast refuel of gasoline on a road trip.)
- Storage - This is not even close!

The MDX is arguably one of the elite SUVs. We are happy to have it. We will enjoy it until the X is ready and then decide. For me it is not even close. My wife on the other hand is not all the enamored with the S. So I am anxious to see what her reaction is when she gets a chance to test drive an X.

More to follow....about a year from now. :)


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    - Lane departure warning
    - Blind spot detection
    - Guide lines when backing up

    I've solved these by looking where I'm going. :-)

    For backing into the garage use a white 3 X 5 card taped to the floor. It will tell you exactly when to stop when viewed in the back up camera.
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