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What is the future price of the Tesla Model X

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Does anyone know the price of the Model X?


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    This is in other threads, but it has been stated many times that the price will be similar to the Model S, so it should start at no less than $70k
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    as Leonard said, it has been discussed many times before. If I remember correctly, same or 10% higher than Model S.
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    Until you can configure it on the website, just assume 15% more than a similar Model S.

    It will have 2 motors, the S only has one, so there is a cost there.
    It's bigger, so will have more material, so there is a cost there.
    Like the S, larger margins are built in for growth, which you pay for.

    None of us knows the exact price (and Tesla may not know yet either).

    So, until the price is on the website, we just don't know.
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