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Hood Canal / Route 101 Charger

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Hey Everyone,

If anyone is looking for a convenient charger for those weekend touring drives out along Hood Canal or around the Olympic Peninsula, we just had a Outdoor Nema 14-50 installed out at our weekend cabin which is right on Triton Cove, just off US 101 between Hama Hama and Brinnon.

I've put it on Plugshare so check the map and you should see a 14-50 plug appear on the west side about 1/2 way up Hood Canal.

The plug is in a grey weather-proof box under the window, just to the right of the covered porch of the Cedar cabin on the property.

You're welcome to use the plug and feel free to bring a coffee and relax on the beach behind the yellow house also on the property.



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    Bruce, I come to Dabob Bay often in the summer and I worry about having enough range from Issaquah. Thank you for this nice offer. Do you want a phone call? Your phone number on Plugshare will need editing.
    I also have my 14-50 charger on Plugshare for you or anyone to use. I am at the gateway to the Cascades about 1.5 miles off of I-90. Exit Front Street and go south thru town and then up the hill by the Salmon Hatchery. I am in a condo with a community garage so I will need a phone call so I can open the gate.
    Come charge and "Talk Tesla" Judi
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    Hi Judi - I'm in Sammamish so we're close by!!

    I'll check the Plugshare number but only need call if there are any problems but otherwise, please feel free to use!!
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    This is great! Thank you!
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    Awesome! Believe it or not I passed another Tesla while driving through there.
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    Don't forget that we got together with the City of Port Angeles and put in a Clipper Creek CS-100 just west of the dock for the Coho Ferry to Victoria. It is just a couple blocks away from 101.
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    @Bruce, thanks for the generous offer.

    It would be great if we could also get something out at Kalaloch or Lake Quinault. I was told that some of the cabins at Kalaloch Lodge have 110 outlets on the outside, but I suspect they are not real robust. I think it's about 90 miles from PA to Kalaloch. With vampire load, that doesn't give much of a cushion in getting out there and back, particularly if you want to drive around a bit while out there.
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    Thank you, Bruce. I rent the Forest Service's Hamma Hamma cabin with friends every year for several nights and since it has no power at all Tessie didn't go last year. The timing was too awkward to deal with an RV park. You've increased my options a lot and I really appreciate it.
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    Hi Everyone,

    Cap - didn't know about the CS-100...that'll be perfect for our day trips out to Port Angeles and over to Victoria!!

    Kit - Please feel free to use at your convenience. We're super close to the Hama Hama

    DougR - Agree, it would be great to get more service out by the coast. There is a J1772 out at Seabrook near Copalis which is a good option, but would be good to get some more out near Forks or Hoqium / Aberdeen.
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    It's been a while since I've posted here but I feel compelled after spending 2 out of the last 3 weekends out at our place on Hood Canal and passing Tesla's on Hwy 101 EVERY trip out there !!

    I've had several folks stop by to 'top-up' using our NEMA 14-50 and glad to continue making this available!!

    Stop on by this summer and share a coffee while charge...or perhaps some Crab, we are in the midst of Dungeness season right now !!
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    Captain Zap, we've used that charger while having dinner at Kokopelli. Thanks very much for it! I had found it on Plugshare and was walking to find it, stopped to ask the ferry security guys where it was and they'd never heard of it (or perhaps even of electric vehicles). After I found it and was charging I went back and pointed it out to them for future reference.
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    Oh, and by the way, an application is submitted for a grant to add charging stations in Jefferson County, specifically in Quilcene in front of GearHead Deli on Hwy. 101. We'll keep you posted on that
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    Thank you so much - we are new Tesla owners and are still learning the ropes. We want to try the Hama Hama oyster farm from Seattle when the weather gets cooler, so your offer will be most welcome. Thanks again!
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