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Waarom die deuren, alleen maar nadelen en veel duurder, meer kans op water, geruis, veel garages te laag, wat bij ongeval?veel belangrijker is de prijs zeker in europa, wou graag eens weten wie eigenlijk een x koopt voor die deuren, groeten


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    Good question. Actually I am not sure they will be more noisy and they will not likely leak. I am also curious about the price, but I doubt that the price will differ much from the Model S. One way to guess more or less accurately whether the garages ceilings are high enough, is by looking at other SUV's such as an Audi Q5 or Q7 or a BMW X5. If the rear lift-gate on those can open fully then the Model X Falcon wing doors will have no problem.
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    <b>Per Google Translate:</b>

    <i>Why those doors, only disadvantages and much more expensive, more prone to water, noise, many garages understated by accident? Much more important is the price, especially in Europe, wanted love to know who actually buys an X for those doors, greetings</i>

    <b>Per Babylon:</b>

    <i>Why that doors, only disadvantages and much more expensive, more chance of water, noise, many garages too low, what is much more important in the event of accident?the price in Europe, would very much like to know who actually buy an x for which doors, greetings</i>
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    Interesting how both translations mostly gets it right, but misses it in different places. Soon we will not remember a time when translation software did not exist.
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    In my case, (I am in the U.S.) The doors are not my reason for considering the Model X, but I think it is a cool idea. They also do have some practical utility that may not be apparent until you actually use the feature.
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