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Model X Design Studio?

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With models coming out at the end of this year and full production in 2015 shouldn't Tesla have a 'Design Studio' link by now for the X similar to what the S has?


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    They haven't announced a final design or pricing yet.
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    I realize that, but at this point if they plan on having the X out by 2014 then shouldn't those details hammered out by now?

    Has Tesla said anything about when they'd have pricing and features available by?
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    From the main banner on the page for Model X, it said deliveries are in the 3rd and 4th quarter of next year?
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    It says Summer 2015 for NEW reservations.

    If they still plan on having any out by year's end then they really should have all that stuff (pricing, features) finalized by now.
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    I'm going to assume (based on nothing but guesswork) that the configuration system will set up about October 1, 2014.

    This will be for Signature owners who may only have 1 or two choices, such as "Signature Red" or "Signature Black"?

    The Signature vehicles will be built over the October - December timeframe and delivered in the December 2014 - January 2015 timeframe.

    This will give Tesla's 2014 Yearly report at least a few Model X deliveries.

    For other reservation holders, I guess (again, only a guess) that the configuration site will be updated around December 1 for those customers who already have reservations. Since there are about 10-15,000 reservations currently, Tesla will build similar models together (most expensive first) and deliver over the January - June timeframe.

    New reservations (April 2014 and forward), will have about 12-15 month timeframe between order and delivery. This time will go down as 2015 goes on and efficiencies improve the build rate.

    (remember, this is ONLY a guess)
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    Any guess is better than none at all.

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    Realistically, Model X deliveries won't start until March at the absolute earliest. Sure Tesla may roll out a few early test models to a few select individuals, but significant deliveries won't start until well into 2015. I wouldn't expect the Design Studio to be on-line until January-February at the earliest.

    This is from the fact that I read somewhere that Model X was expected in Q2 2015 and new deliveries are advertised as Summer 2015.

    I hope I'm wrong and it comes out earlier!

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