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Can anyone explain by typing slowly and loudly how to successfully apply for a Green Pass?

I've had an EZ Pass for years. After reading the documentation, it appears you need to have the Thruway Plan in order to be eligible so I took care to add this to my account and then sent in a letter requesteing a Green Pass together with a copy of my registration.

I received a letter rejecting my request because my EZ Pass account "is with a toll autority that does not currently offer the Green Pass discount plan."

Turns out my EZ Pass is of the "MTA" variety and was solely based on my Manhattan address. There are apparently other varieties (or account types) for the NY State Thruway and for the PA of NY and NJ.

So it seems I need to apply for one of these other EZ Pass account types. So how does one do this? I went to the main EZ Pass site to sign up and could not find how to specifically apply for a Thruway or PA account (or for an MTA account, for that matter).

What am I missing? I drive all over hell -- between NYC and Eastern Long Island, to Philadelphia, and to upstate and New England. Do I want to apply for BOTH the PA and Thruway account types? Just one? Does it cost more to have one EZ Pass good for all 2 (or 3 accounts)? Did I miss the account type selection on the web site?

Thanks for your help!


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    Do I add the NJ Turnpike as an account to get the discount when driving on Christie's turf? How?
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    @++J I called EZPass NJ and they say that if you have the NY Green Pass you automatically get the discounts in Christyville. They didn't say Christyville, I did.

    Pleasant travels.
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    Is your EZ -Pass actually green?

    If not, then you you do not have the Green EZ-Pass.

    You actually have to open a new account. (I have had EZ Pass since the beginning). You have to apply by mail with a copy of your registration. You then get a green colored EZ Pass.

    I called EZ Pass NJ as I wanted to have EZ Pass green car discounts on the NJ turnpike. They told me I would have to open ANOTHER account.

    You do get the green car discount automatically for the bridges/tunnels to NJ with the green EZ Pass.
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    Mine is green.
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    I too have been told by NJ that my NY Green EZ Pass does not work for NJ, and I'd have to get a NJ account and NJ Green EZ pass...
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    I just got off the phone with Port Authority for PAGRN plan (which is off-peak discounts only) and was told that because my account is with MTA i'd have to close that one and sign up for PANYNJ ezpass which charges a monthly service charge. Its not worth it at this time. MTA EZpass has no discounts I am aware of. NY sucks in general for user incentives. Time for writing our politicians!
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    I just emailed Senators Schumer and Gillibrand the following :
    I'm extremely disappointed in the lack of financial incentives for consumers to consider electric vehicle ownership. I am a Tesla Model S owner and hope to see discounts at bridges and tunnels, HOV permissions and income tax breaks for the purchase of EVs and EV charges for consumers. Though impressed by commercial infrastructure incentives and build-out NY State is void of any consumer orientated incentives. What can I do as a NY citizen to promote this technology besides spending $80k+for the vehicle in NY State?


    Paul F Goode

    Now for the NY State assembly!
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    @paulfgoode Ken Jenkins is a Westchester Assemblyman, a Tesla owner and a frequesnt contributor here. Perhaps he can get things rolling for you.

    [email protected]
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    I just emailed him as well. THANKS J.T. !
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    The story so far:

    1) If you have a pre-existing EZ Pass for NY, fuhgeddiboutit! You will need to open a separate account for a Green Pass. Be sure to indicate Green Pass plan for either Port Authority or NY State Thruway. It is not clear to me if it makes a difference which one you choose.

    2) The NY Green Pass does not grant you any discounts in Joisey. I am analyzing exactly what my discounts are and so far when I compare my Green Pass tolls to my old EZ Pass I have found no differences. As I am doing a lot of driving in Joisey these days, I might consider returning my NY Green Pass and just get a Joisey one instead.

    3) I have tried to find a Green Pass program in the beautiful Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. So far, I have not found any equivalent plan for the Pee Ay Turnpike.
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    @++ <i>) The NY Green Pass does not grant you any discounts in Joisey. I am analyzing exactly what my discounts are and so far when I compare my Green Pass tolls to my old EZ Pass I have found no differences. As I am doing a lot of driving in Joisey these days, I might consider returning my NY Green Pass and just get a Joisey one instead.</i>

    I don't doubt your research for a second, but just got off the phone with NJ EZpass and they say that since we have a NY green pass we get discounts on the TPKE and GSP.

    I have never talked to a more clueless bunch of people ever, it's just a contest which is more clueless NJEZpass or NYEZpass.
    Too close to call I'd say.
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    Just got off the phone with EZPass NY and they said it won't get you a discount on the NJ roads. You would need a separate account and a different tag and you'd have to switch them out.

    At least it's an actual answer.
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    Got the green pass last year.

    If I put a minimum wage on my own time that I spent on the phone and fax with EZ pass NY and NJ it would probably take about 50 years before I reach break even, ha-ha!
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    It really seems silly since NY, NJ, PA, MD use the same EZ Pass system -- one would think (uh-oh) that it would be a simple thing. But then, I had to register my cars, pay a higher fee and wait 6 weeks for a refund as the system did not understand I was switching plates between two cars both registered in my name.
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    It is quite frustrating. I couldn't even find a phone number for ezpass proper, just the state affiliates.
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    True JT. The individual agencies are the only point of contact.
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    this really is the silliest thread on the forum.
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    @++ And that's saying something.
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    So my analysis is that my NY Green Pass gives me discounts for the 3 Hudson River crossings ONLY. I am charged a $5.50 toll instead of $11 - $15 IF AND ONLY IF I cross into NY after hours. Not sure if that is after 7PM or 8PM.

    My next step will be to apply for a NJ EZ Pass Green Pass which should give me the PAGRN plan for the Hudson River Crossings AND the discounts on the NJ Turnpike and Garden State Parkway. If true, I will lose my NY Green Pass since there is no benefit in keeping both of them. (And no discounts on the MTA bridges and tunnels).
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    Well, I applied for my NJ EZ Clean Pass on May 30th. Would you know they finally sent me the wrong (standard) tag 2 weeks ago. and I have still to receive the NJ Clean Pass? (Hands on hips).
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    Just came back from Florida .... gonna check to see if any discounts magically appeared, although there were at least two times that my EZ Pass - green - did not register.
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    @kenj just got back from the outlets in Woodbury. EZPass worked all the way up but going back over the throgs neck it failed to register. Weird.
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    I wanted a green transponder that could be hidden behind the nose cone, still waiting.
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    Well, I was WRONG AGAIN! The NJ EZ Pass does not offer a Port Authority plan for the Hudson River crossings. And the NY EZ Pass (of course) does NOT offer discounts on the NJ Turnpike and Parkway.

    So, the final word up is that if you are New Yorker who migrates down the New Jersey flyways (watch for the birds!), you need 2 EZ Passes: one for Turnpike and Parkway (discounts only available after 6:30PM weeknights and NOT on Saturdays and Sundays) and then another for the tunnels and bridge.

    This means that while driving to NYC, I keep the NJ EZ Pass attached to the windshield until after the last toll reader. And then I need to swap out the Passes for the NY one to pass through the toll booth for the river crossing.

    Driving to NJ, no swap is necessary since there is no toll heading into Jersey (funny how that is).
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    I remember when they changed the tolls to one way inbound on the bridges and tunnels. As a matter of fact my parents got double whammied. When they left for the Catskills from long island they paid the toll on the Tappan Zee. By the time they returned they had made it a double toll on the way back so they got two crossings but paid for 3.
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