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    Perhaps when enough EV's are on the road there will be a "universally recognized" light that everyone will know means the car in front is going to be slowing down. (maybe an orange light in the shape of RG)
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    Mike,.... Microthin sheets of perovskite(approaching 25% Efficient(MIT)) could collect a few kWh each day it's parked in the sun at the airport.( 10 mi./ day ). 6 watts/ gm. Is practically weightless, so cover the non-glass areas of the car to collect every photon.
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    Energy improvements - Is anyone else following Solid energy's 2X modifications to electrode and electrolyte?
    They are starting with drones and small electronics before they get to cares in 2018. Another one to watch is the nano-structured cobalt infused with nanolithia. Argonne, Beijing, MIT, Passed this one off to JCI( Johnson controls
    For scale analysis.
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    @sosmerc & @Efontana

    The 'how fast are you slowing down' light has been tried before, and was sadly limited by the technology at the time.
    http://jalopnik dot com/what-do-you-think-of-this-almost-unknown-indicator-ligh-1716617851

    Also, you can't use orange/amber because in China/Europe/pretty much the rest of the world, amber is the color used for turn lights. Only in America is it allowed just red for both stop, and turn.
    http://www.socalautoparts dot com/images/product/211945231A.jpg

    Back in 99' when LED's were starting to become a thing for 3rd mounted stop lamps, I had an idea that /all/ of the stop lamps should be LED's, and along with having so many smaller lights that could be individually controlled, the 'shape' of the light should be changed to indicate just how hard the person was stomping on the brake pedal (Easily done with a pressure transducer and some basic electronics.)

    I knocked up a quick graphic for you to show what I mean.
    http://puu dot sh/tnV3l/4d624eca1c.jpg

    This kind of light does two things, first, it gives a much more informative telltale to the driver behind just how hard the driver/autopilot is breaking. Second, by having the lights 'grow' from the inner, to the outer with the increase in pressure (meaning they're stopping quicker) it reinforces just how imperative it is that you stop faster as the optical illusion is created to make the car in front seemingly 'grow larger' than it normally would. Additionally, there's the benefit of seeing the rate of change. Are they slowly applying pressure or did they just hammer the brakes?

    It took nearly a decade for there to finally start being all LED tail lights, but sadly that's all they are, there's no encoded information yet. However recently I did see a Maserati that had a 'flowing' turn signal. Just like which-way lights on lighted construction signs, the light moved in a clever way by turning the individual LEDs on and off again in the amber turn signal which was far more inherently informative than just blinking. Give it another 10 years perhaps and maybe we'll see more intelligent brake lights.
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    I think things will change alot faster as more EV's with regenerative braking are on the market. You have some great ideas and I will bet we will see something like what you are proposing.
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    Tesla has no Quality Control.

    If a actual Tesla Corporate person looks up my delivery, I would like to know their response to a very deplorable obvious flaw.

    No need to go into details, if Tesla is interested in Quality Control, it would seem they failed. Tesla had my MX at my local device center for 30 days supposedly and QC was initially the reason .

    I doubt Tesla will have a M3 owner, smile and try to get resolution of such a failure when over 400,000 M3 start to be delivered, in the " coming soon" Tesla verbage . I hope to have full resolution by next mid week .

    By the way, all the SC employees are very polite and professional, but who ever does QC needs to be retrained, and audited ........
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    @jarfman said:
    "I'd love the ability to set a schedule or be able to trigger a snow melt mode. The mode should raise the internal temperature, activate defrosters and wipers to clean the car of snow while parked outside."

    The only issue with this is that using your wipers to clean snow off is not a good idea here in Mass when we have a lot of snow. The wipers cannot push large amounts of snow without some sort of failure. My old Volvo dealer used to send an email every year reminding people not to use the wipers to clean the snow off the windshield because they would have a large number of people with broken wiper motors, and the mechanical system for the wipers around the first snow storm of the year.

    But I agree that the ability to use a timer based pre-heat and turn on the defroster/ heated windshield/ rear defroster/ heated seats would be a great thing. That way when you get to the car, all you would need to do is clear the snow/ice off without having to scrape anything.
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    In Norway charging the cars at home is subject to a effect pricing system, all our houses are equipped with AMS meters that automatically reports in the consumption to the energy supplier.

    As the energy prices vary during the day the actual price is varying a lot and this can cause peak periods during the day when they add congestion charges so that the power is many many times more expensive during morning and afternoon energy "rush hours" is it possible to have the worlds smartest car take energy and congestion charges in to account when charging, (smart Charging).
    To ensure lowest cost and at the same time ensuring a more even energy consumption?
    As the information for pricing is available at all times and varies from hour to hour to seasons etc..

    if this function would be in the app it would be very good and give a great benefit for all owners in countries where AMS smart metering is implemented, as the power price can vary with many hundred % during 24 hrs.
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    @sjw - Clever idea. In our area we also have time-of-day pricing, but it doesn't vary by each minute. The cheapest rate is between midnight and 7am, which is easy to set within any Tesla today. I expect this is also the cheapest rate where you are as well - very low demand during this period.

    I remember one analysis showed if half of all cars in the USA were EVs and charged in these late hours, no changes to the electrical generation or distribution would be necessary.
  • I have a simple idea which I believe could be implemented in a software update. The real world sometimes can be a bit dangerous. If you are sitting in your car, for instance in a shopping center parking lot, and a threat presents itself - say a menacing person - it would be really handy if you could double tap the Controls button to lock all the doors.
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    @preston - Already exists for years now - just tap the lock icon in the top-left of the display (Model S/X), or shift into drive or reverse.
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    I love using autosteer and do it quite often. The challenge is that when I am looking at the road with my hands on the wheel, as I should be, the prompt is so small and non-descript that it goes unnoticed because I'm not looking down. I wish Tesla would make an adjustment to the location of the autosteer prompt so that it is more prominent when a person is looking at the road itself, or add an option to have a chime prompt you initially, not when you're reaching critical stage. I get very frustrated when I'm doing exactly what Tesla wants me to be doing, but the car turns off autosteer because I'm not looking down to notice the tiny little prompt.
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    Implement automated vehicle QC on the factory floor. I think this can be done seamlessly via cameras
    Also hire someone to check all Model X assembly quality until this is implemented. (Those seem to be the most problematic)

    I would also say offer more custom options. Like paint options and trims. Tesla should at some point add a custom paint shop. I have a feeling the custom paint shop would pay for itself in the first year.
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    Nice cars from Tesla.<strong><a href="">Jio Customer Care Number</a> | <a href="">Vodafone Customer Care Number</a> | <a href="">Flipkart Customer Care Number</a> | <a href="">Videocon D2h Customer Care Number</a></strong>
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    Can we make the glovebox lockable by providing a keypad when pressing the Glovebox button on console?
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    I think I could get 10-20% more mileage from a Tesla. I am looking for someone to test them for free. I have 10 sets. [email protected] free to ask more
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    I would like to suggest the speed limit option in the app which has passwd requirement to deactivate, can have an extra setting for when the car is parked and locked via app, which can be set to speed zero, so that only the person with the actual phone linked to the app can deactivate this feature and allow the car to move by approaching the car.

    Also what about an option to get an alert if the car is unlocked somehow and the geo location of the phones linked to the car are more than x feet from the vehicle.
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    I drive my tesla for 5 months now. I find it sometimes annoying that I have to click the settings screen to make it disappear each time I have made a change in my settings, e.g. in audio settings, climate, controls and all sub-menues in controls/settings.

    It would be even more convenient if the settings screen would disappear automatically after say 5 sec or if there would be an option to set it to disappear automatically after a certain time.
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    Since we discuss it here I'd suggest improving their forum, for example. That's not that user-friendly to my mind. By the way, machine learning is trendy and promising nowadays They can implement such technologies to improve user experience.
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    Tesla user feedback is the biggest thing that can help Tesla improve their software/hardware (listening to their customers). The lack of such thing is just mind boggling.
    Suggest "Send Feedback" after tapping on the big letter T where you get About section. This is similar to how Android does it. Also adding there some information on other venues for feedback would be nice.
    I agree with the OP that having a dedicated forum for suggestions or improvements is needed.
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    With it starting to get cooler in my area I try to keep my car plugged in and schedule charging so that it finish just before I leave in the morning. From what I read this helps pre-heat the battery so that I don’t get reduced regent or the snowflake. Seems to me that there should be a way to schedule this so you would just input when you want charging to end. The car knows what soc it is at and what charging current is available should just be some simple math to get fairly close to perfect.
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    I dont know if I am blind and cant find it, but would love a forum search button. That way I can easily find answers to questions/answers and not duplicate multiple posts. With that said do love having a forum to look at what everyone is saying.
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    @teamchevy8 absolutely agree with you. It seems that all tesla copywriters have forgotten about their forum. I think you need to add feedbacks from your company, also this "Forum" button.
    You can add some java-plugins to make the forum more interactive. they can make it successfully. You can see some featured projects on java at this page.
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