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    When the "auto" position on the windshield wipers isn't adequate for the rain conditions, it's necessary to take your eyes off the road to select the desired manual speed setting. If you could just swipe the wiper icon to adjust from "auto" through the manual speed settings, changing the speed would be easier.
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    It is really a typical question to answer. Some of the
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    I noticed that, in some promotional videos, the idea of every Tesla being able to communicate with other Tesla’s to pass along construction information or road obstruction situations. I was wondering if Tesla could create a small transmitter that could be attached to a motorcycle that would inform the network of it’s immediate presence. The idea being that it would provide a beacon to make the motorcycle operator more visible and thus better protected. Thanks.
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    I would like an alternate way to hang up a phone call or an easier way to set temp to AUTO. When I hang up the phone by pressing the scroll button, I end up moving the button and the fan speed changes, turning the AUTO temp to MANUAL.
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    My husband's Avalon shows the parking lot lines when he pulls into a spot. With all the cameras my Tesla has, it seems possible and would be really nice to see that I am right in the middle of the spot.
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    @bstull7988 - Not possible with software in current cars. The AP cameras are pointed outward to handle seeing other cars and objects. There are some non-Tesla cars that have cameras pointing downward to see lines, etc., but obviously, these cars can never have the AP type features Tesla offers without adding many more cameras.

    Tesla could add another 3 cameras and increase the vehicle costs to include them.
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    I like my model 3. Very enjoyable.

    But I wish those:

    (1). Blind spot vehicle warning flashing light on the edge of mirrors.

    (2). Heated steering wheel

    (3). Beige interior option

    (4). A little bit longer seat, like 1-2 inches longer.
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    I have inadvertently left my front passenger window open when getting out of the car !! Did it one time overnight in my driveway... any way to get a notification that the window is left open ?? Or the car is left unlocked when parked after a period of a few minutes ?? Would love this
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    My Model-3 is a tight fit (width) getting into my garage. The feature to automatically fold the mirrors in before coming in is great - but that renders the mirrors useless when pulling out. Suggested improvement:
    When the side mirrors are folded in & the car is in Reverse, change the display to include cropped slivers from the left-repeater & right-repeater cameras along side of the back camera video.
  • The site works a bit slowly in our country (Ukraine) and maybe you'd like to change website design? It looks a bit old-fashioned, it should be more futuristic? Don't know for sure.
    As an example check this one
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    Minor suggestion to streamline the payment for mobile services. Today, I had my summer/winter wheels swapped by a mobile ranger. Super happy, as always! Tesla no longer accepts payment during the service visit, but rather through an email/web billing process powered by Adobe. So that's where I have some suggestions...

    First, the email has a button that says "review and accept." Clicking it automatically considers the transaction as "accepted" even though I hadn't yet had a chance to see and review the cost. So that's not legally binding if someone wanted to be a jerk and refute it.

    Second issue, once there, I see the costs but there's no payment processing capability. No button, no PayPal/Applepay or anything. Thinking that it was just a bug and not loading properly, I gave up and had lunch.

    Going back to try it again, I clicked on the button within the email, and I get a "This document has already been accepted" message. I'm unable to get back to the invoice or any payment screen.

    So I moved to the app to try to pay.

    Within the Tesla App, there's no indication or flag showing a to-do that would steer the user toward payment. It's not intuitive to need to go back to "Schedule Appointment" to pay an outstanding bill. But once there, it works perfectly.

    Here are some suggestions to fix this...

    For payment within the app, a bright alert flag and/or payment section that lists outstanding payments would really help the UX a lot.

    For payment through the email/web-based process, consider incorporating credit card and quick payment options (paypal/applepay) directly into the invoice with a contrasting button that is obvious. Allow the email to be the entry point that customers can reference, and not time-out or lock-out if the user has already clicked on it.

    That's it. Love my Model X!

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    You can add some React features to make the forum more interactive They can implement such technologies to improve user experience.
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    I advise you to improve the process of the supply chain of components to increase the number of cars assembled. For more details on how the process affects warehouse management, see the article - How Warehouse Management Software Contributes to Supply Chain Processes (
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