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Shareholder letter (May 7 2014): "..introduction of Model X next year...."

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"Extensive development work on Model X is underway and we expect to have production design prototypes ready in Q4."

Looks like first deliveries in late 2014 is unlikely. :-('14 Shareholder Letter final.pdf


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    "Model X efforts are on track to ramp up production in the spring of 2015. We have just completed the final studio release of the vehicle. The tooling process has started with several suppliers and we expect production design prototypes to be ready in Q4 of this year."
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    Elon: ramp up of Model X production will be much faster than Model S
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    I have resigned myself to the fact that I will not get my car until next year.

    Q4 could mean September 1 but it could be December 31 too. My guess is that there will be some production prototypes early in Q4, which will go to select stores/galleries, and later in Q4, signature deliveries will start.

    "Ramp up production in the spring of 2015" could mean full ramp up by April, with limited production from December - March. The full ramp up will still be much quicker than that of the Model S.

    It is already May, so if I get my car any time before the end of April, it is still less than a year. I expect that we will see some production prototypes in less than 6 - 7 months.
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    The number for the Signature X, as my #273 in Norway, is that a world wide number or a national number?
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    If you just made your reservation recently (which seems to be the case judging from you other post), it should be a European number. It could be a Norway only number, but most likely an EU number. The cut off for the US was a couple of months ago and was around 1200. I am not sure how many signature Model X's will be produced world wide, but considering the total population of Norway, and the market in the EU, I do not think that it will be another 1200.
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