Just ordered a roadster, How do you charge in UK?

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I have just ordered a 2.5 roadster sport. I would like to know the best way to charge the car. It comes with a 3 pin uk plug connector and a mobile connector however i have stopped by a few charging stations near to my home in Preston NW UK and they seem to have type 2 Menekes connectors. What do i need to be able to use this type of Ecotricity station? How long does it take to charge? Can i get an adaptor etc? what others are available to roadster owners? I believe they are not compatible with Tesla network when it arrives in this country.

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    Here in the states the J1772 connector is the standard and Tesla makes and sells an adapter. I never heard of a Menkes adapter. I would check with one of the UK stores.
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    The Menekes is the European standard, and the Model S adapter is this type. Don't know about the UK/European Roadster connectors, tho'.
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    Hi Mark. There are phone numbers on the following web pages. You could contact them and find out. I suggest that you also ask them about British Gas Charge Points.

    There is a government grant and you get these British Gas chargers installed for free. They come with J1772 or Type 2 Mennekes plugs, depending on which one you want. There is a faster version that costs £99.


    Tesla London Store:

    Tesla London Service Centre:
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    thanks for your help. Im just learning the types of connectors. I think J1772 is the adaptor i would need. I don't think the roadster is compatible with Mennekes. Unless I'm wrong.
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    Welcome to Roadster ownership in the UK. There are a few of us out there!

    The Roadster pre-dates much of the infrastructure being built in the UK, other than very early roadside points with the 13A socket, and these are very slow of course. I have a 30A blue "commando" socket installed at home which works with the bulky cable I got with my 2010 car. I also have an adapter I purchased online to enable use of 16A commados, which are often found in caravan parks and commercial sites.

    I believe you wil struggle to use Chargemaster points unless they have low power 13A sockets alongside the new outlets. The High power home charging unit was rated at 70A, giving 16.8kW in the UK where that was available, but it was tethered. I think the problem with trying to push high current from a public point is the adapter which would be required, as poor connections in there would risk heat build up and fire.

    Much discussion of course about whether supercharger sites should be Roadster enabled, but it seems not so far in the US.
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