Yellow Roadster for Sale

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Anybody interested in a 2008 Yellow Roadster in mint condition? Very reasonable price. Recently purchased a model S and need room in my garage.


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    how reasonably priced?
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    I am asking $75k
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    ↑ Spam. Flagged. (
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    I hope you get it as a fellow 1.5 owner ;)
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    I am finally ready to seriously consider selling my yellow 2008 Tesla Roadster. I would be willing to consider offers over $50k.

    This rare Yellow Roadster is a real looker. This car has been on national TV on multiple occasions. It has an easy 10k miles and needs someone who is not afraid of the attention it will get. It is in great condition.

    You can text me anytime if you are interested.

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    What is thé Max charge of the battery ?
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    Any pictures ?
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