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Just received Model X email

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Dear Model X reservation holders,

Falcon wing doors, all-wheel drive, and the most stylish way to combine an SUV’s utility with a sports car’s performance. Model X will be a production car that exceeds the promises made when we first showed the concept.
In the fall, we’ll start building Model X prototypes on a newly expanded and integrated production line at our factory in Fremont, CA. The first Model X cars for you, our reservation holders, will be produced starting in early 2015.

We’re pleased to confirm that the falcon wing doors will be a defining feature of this exceptional car. Not only do these doors look amazing, but they also make getting in and out of the Model X so much easier than would a conventional front-hinged door. You can even do it standing up.
We’ll also deliver a level of functionality and practicality that will exceed what you saw on the concept vehicle. We can confirm that all-wheel drive will come standard for Model X, and you’ll have the option to add a third row of seats to carry more passengers. You’ll also be able to fold down the second and third rows to create a flat platform for storage. When it comes to charging and long distance drives, Model X will be able to take full advantage of our rapidly growing Supercharger network.

These features combine to offer power, speed, and space – all packaged in an all-electric vehicle that looks and drives like it comes from the future.

We’ll have more to say about Model X in the coming months, so stay tuned for updates. Thank you for your confidence in Tesla.


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    Got it this morning also !
    Now patiently waiting for a real one.
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    One change that I wasn't expecting is the "optional 3rd row"; I thought that the 3rd row was to be standard equipment, designed to be a true 3rd row like the Acura SUV with improved access via gaul wing. If this is actually a small pop-up like with the S, we might need to reconsider our purchase.
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    I was disappointed also that the 3rd row is optional, this seems to me the biggest problem with Tesla is they still haven't designed "packages" like other car mfgs, everything is an option which adds to the cost. I'm looking forward to more updates and seeing what will be available exactly as standard vs options. I'm still excited to get it but disappointed that something so important as a 3rd row is now an option.

    Excited to hear everyone's thought.

    Sig X #911
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    making 3rd row optional is definitely a disappointment. it is just another way of increasing the price.
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    Ya, I am not to happy about the 3rd row being optional. This is an essential component for me, a must have. It is the main reason why I am buying a Model X to go with my P85. I need a car that fits 7 adults and thats why a second Model S will not work for me. I could do without the AWD and Falcon doors, but these are standard.

    C'mon Tesla, why are you making the 3rd row an option?
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    Interesting. I'm Sig reservation holed #631. Have not received and email yet. Perhaps it is still in cyberspace.

    I echo the disappointment of 3rd row seats being optional. However I will wait to see the pricing. If the 3rd row optional seating is not any more expensive than a std S I guess I can't be too upset. It will also give Tesla the opportunity to have a lower cost X entry vehicle. We will just have to wait and see.
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    I was more surprised than disappointed with the "optional" 3rd row, since from the day Tesla announced the Model-X, they touted the ease of use getting into the 3rd row with the Falcon Wing doors.

    As long as the 3rd row seats are not an "after-thought" or some less-functional seats than the 2nd row, I can live with the disappointment (and a lighter wallet).

    It does feel like Tesla may be using this to drive the price of the vehicle. Hopefully, this means that they are getting closer to a final design and I'll be able to drive one in March 2015 (P#008)

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    I received the email as well. Noticed that in one photo the X has side mirrors and in the second photo has side cameras.
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    Re: 3rd row optional. No big deal for me. 3rd row in Model S is also an option.

    We're talking 1st generation here. Pay up to be the 1st on the block with a model X, lets set an example, help the cause. This is about changing the world and getting less dependent on Oil.

    This is more than just buying an Audi, BMW, Acura with options.

    Tesla is a young company and obviously can not afford to give away the 3rd row seat.

    We have to invest now for the future so our 3rd row passengers can breath the air without an oxygen mask.
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    Ok with this being optioned in, but I just hope it doesn't imply that these will be a cheap (as in quality) add-on to the car. If they are of similar quality to the S jump seats than the buyers, including myself, will cancel in droves. This car was designed as a van/SUV replacement, needs three quality rows of seats. Not a pop out of the floor third row that feels like a cheap addition
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    I haven't received the email yet but I sent an email to Tesla complaining about the website.
    It is very out of date. There is no feature list for the MX except for the two battery packs, two drive trains and the falcon wing doors. The car is shown with a third row of seats. Elon showed a slide with rear view side mirrors and a third row of seats at the recent shareholder's meeting with no mention of them being optional. The website shows rear view side cameras.
    I have requested that they fix the website so that reservation holders can start getting some clarity concerning what to expect.
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    3rd row is an optional?! This is just jacking up the price. Come on, Tesla, you should do better than this. Falcon Wing and AWD can be optional, but not 3rd row seats!
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    agreed, I would hope its quality seating in 3rd row.
    Too hard to speculate at this time. One would think the vehicle fits a quality row of seats.

    Went through the same speculation when the Model S info was trickling out.

    In the end the vehicle will not be for some folks and will be for others.

    Just have to wait and see.
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    One would expect the cost of the 3rd row option to be at least as much as the rear facing seats in the Model S, so $2,500. If it weren't optional, the base price would just be that much more. Making the third row optional helps keep the base price more in line with the quoted "low single digit percentage" increase over the base Model S.

    Some people will never need the third row seats and they would just take up space. I think it good they are optional.
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    Good point, @KyleGross.
    What Elon apparently meant about the MX design goals being damn hard to meet undoubtedly included cost objectives. EVs with the performance and safety features of the Tesla designs are not cheap. That's why it is going to take a couple years of design work, progress on battery costs, and other supply chain costs to produce a superior GenIII car that is semi-affordable. They would like to quote a base price for the MX that is not much more than the base price of an MS. In order to do that the base model will have to be something no one will buy, equipped with a 60 kWh battery pack and 2 rows of seats. Just as the average selling price of an MS is about $95K, it will be "damn hard" to keep an MX with 2 motors, an 85 kWh battery pack, more aluminum and glass, falcon wings and three rows of seats under $100K...

    I still want one. I hope the stock keeps going up.:-))
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    Sorry Goss not Gross

    My bad
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    Sheeshhh--How quickly we all turn. If the MX does not suit you, or if the simple word 'option' scares you, then buy a minivan.
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    Lowering the base price would be much easier by making AWD and/or the Falcon doors optional. Thats where the cost is. It certainly is not in a 3rd row of seats. This will lower the base price only a small amount.
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    For people who value leg room over all else, making the 3rd row optional is a big plus. For people who carry lots of cargo more often than they carry lots of people it is also a plus.

    Giving people more choices to fit their needs can only expand the market (in my opinion)
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    @Rauv +1

    There are actually four options:

    1. Cancel the order.
    2. Buy the car without 3rd row seat option.
    3. Buy the car with 3rd row seat option.
    4. Buy the car with 3rd row seat option and whine.

    It's beyond me why people would choose the last option.
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    Rauv and carik,

    That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. We all want an electric SUV/minivan. We don't want a gas SUV/minivan. That's the point.

    If Elon parades the MX with seven seats that seat seven adults in the demonstration/unveiling video, reservation holders and future reservation holders expect that to be the case. To add, part of the functionally in Elon's demonstration is that you can get into and out of the THIRD ROW better then any other SUV/minivan.

    Enough with the mindless "don't buy it, if you don't like it" crap. This is a concern for people that expected it as standard. We have seen this type of change before with the MS pricing and options, it's not a highlight of Tesla business practices.

    I personally hope that this type of business practice stops as Tesla moves to mass market. Especially, if competition like Nissan and BWM start making competitive EVs with the open patents, people will just go somewhere else and that's not good...
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    Ok with the model s we did not know pricing, configuration, colors etc till close to production.

    Give tesla a break.

    Get off the waiting list and wait till everything is revealed if you don't like the web site.

    If your on the model x waiting list your a 1st generation eary adopter.

    All "issues" in this thread come with that.

    It's a new product and features are subject to change.

    This is not a dinosaur car company using a crappy dealership model.
    If it was you would see a cool looking concept car And then a crappy looking production model when it finally arrives.
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    The car is "not in production". So features are subject to change and not everything will be revealed ahead of time.

    If you can't deal with that then go buy a BMW of something.
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    I for one am happy that the 3rd row is optional. I'll never understand the fanfare for certain features to come standard as if that's how you get them for free or something. No one here even knows how much the the Model X will even cost with or without the 3rd row seat! Tesla could have just forced it on us with a jacked up price regardless, and I get the impression that doing that would have been a more accepted practice for those here belly-aching.
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    This is a flashback to the launch of the model s.
    The fun is the mystery.
    What will be the final price, look, features.

    Us model s owners were all speculating 3-4 years ago.
    We all dropped a deposit having faith....
    And now the model s is the best car on the planet.

    I gather the x will be just as good.... Keep the faith and be happy to be an early adopter.

    With that comes ups and downs...mystery as to what the product will finally be like.

    I understand everyone just cares about the product.

    Enjoy the ride from deposit to delivery. If it's anything like the model s, you'll be blown away with the production model.
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