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Model-X free super-charging for life?

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Has anyone heard any confirmation that Model-X owners will have free super-charging for life, the same as Model-S owners?
And even more intriguing, does anyone have any thoughts about the advantages/disadvantages for Tesla to offer free super-charging to Gen III owners?


I've been following this forum for over a year and I haven't noticed any talk about Model-X and superchargers (but I apologize if this has already been covered).


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    The following are confirmed:
    1. The Model X will be capable of Supercharging.
    2. The Supercharger network is free to use once enabled on a vehicle.

    It's widely assumed the Model X will follow the same structure as the Model S, whereby it's an add-on for the base battery and included with the larger battery. However, no pricing information has been confirmed by Tesla so this is just a guess.

    Remember, there is no such thing as free access, but rather the cost of access is either sold separately (60kWh) or rolled into the package cost (85kWh). The upfront costs allow Tesla to expand and maintain the network. I expect this to remain the case for all future models, although how access is priced or bundled could very well change.
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    Thanks @timf2001. It's your 2nd point, <i>"The Supercharger network is free to use once enabled on a vehicle"</i>, that I wasn't able to find verification on. I hope that is the case.

    However, I do have issue with the cost being built into the price of the vehicle. Living in a location (Canada) that is no where near a supercharger, I don't expect to use it very much. So I'll be subsidizing the supercharger for others. This would be nice to have as an option. Or, I hope that Elon has bigger supercharger plans for Canada in 2016 onwards, significantly better than the 14-16 scheduled for 2015.

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    The cost is not so much built into the vehicle as it is excluded from the base model in order to have the lowest possible starting price. You are not really subsidizing the supercharging network if you have an 85kWh model and do not live near a Supercharger. The purpose of the Supercharger network is to foster acceptance of electric vehicles. The Supercharger is for long distance travel, so there should not be one near you, although having one within 200 miles would be nice.

    You may purchase a vehicle that comes standard at a certain trim lever with something that is an option for a lower trim, but that does not mean you will get a discount if you did not want it or will not use it.

    Anyone purchasing a Model S or Model X is contributing to this goal.
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    <b>vandacca</b> wrote, <i>"However, I do have issue with the cost being built into the price of the vehicle."</i>

    Imagine if the cost of gasoline for life were built into the cost of every <b>Ford, Chrysler</b>, or <b>General Motors</b> vehicle. Somehow, I really don't think it would be a mere $2000 total expenditure.

    Think of it this way... These days even an economy car costs nearly $50 to fill with gasoline. Say, we cut that to only $40.

    $2000 divided by $40 equals... 50. Assuming you are going to own the car five to seven years... Would you expect to <i>'fill up'</i> on the road around fifty times over that time period?

    Personally, I'd probably pass that mark in the first four months... So, <i>'<u>FREE</u> for Life'</i> after that makes the Supercharger option an absolute no-brainer.
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    @LeonardD, @RedSage I do plan to get a 85kWh Model-X, and everyone who bought a Roadster, 85kWh Model-S and those that will buy the 85kWh Model-X will have to be subsidizing the super-charger network. The money has to come from somewhere.

    I realize that Elon would like to try other strategies for building out the network, and hence has decided to free up some of his charging patents to help that happen. Personally, I think it's too early for the other auto-makers to jump on board as they are usually very slow and always late to the game. I would expect small start-ups to get on board before the other auto-makers.

    Anyway, you guys have a point and the cost today is fairly minimal and it is worth making that investment for the greater good of society. I just wish that Tesla would put more than 6 superchargers on each side of the Canadian country, so I can take my Model-X on our bi-annual vacation to northern Quebec.

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    Free Supercharger for the 85, not free on base 60.

    Same pattern for S, X and Gen 3.
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    <b>vandacca:</b> I expect all those Canadian Superchargers will be in place -- before any are installed in my Family's Home State of Mississippi. ;-) Ample warning -- once the route across US Highway 10/20 is done, we would be making the trek between the homestead and California rather often. Also, everything that is even in the <i>'Projected'</i> or <i>'Coming Soon'</i> status still qualifies as the initial rollout of the Supercharger network. There will be plenty more than that -- <b>Tesla Motors</b> is just building the foundational <i>'skeleton'</i> that will support the framework today.
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    Elon has stated SC use will be free forever for all current and future SC-enabled models. Think of it as an inexpensive alternative to TV advertising.
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    @Red Sage
    I wonder why there aren't any in MS and not even planned(I'm from MS). At least put one in Birmingham so I can make it to MS. At the moment, I'd have to use my ICE if I bought a Model X.
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    I think there will be a Supercharger in Jackson, and another in Biloxi MS. I would hope for one in Starkville and another in Greenville too. Other nearby points seem to be Memphis TN and New Orleans LA. Looks like making it to my Dad's homestead in Alcoa TN will be doable across HWY 40.
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    I guess I should have clarified. I'm from north MS; I don't consider Biloxi part of MS :). Going from Atlanta to north MS, using their estimated 2015 list, it would pretty much take an extra day, if I followed superchargers. But I guess I could use a public station for a few hours in Birmingham to add the extra miles I'd need. Still it would add at least an extra 50% travel time.

    Starkville would be great! Tupelo and Birmingham would be perfect. Did you go to State? I graduated in '04

    (I'm hoping this conversation causes sympathy from Tesla and they'll add one in the area)
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    No, I didn't go to State. I moved to California three days after my 18th birthday. My younger Brother lives in Starkville though. I know he'd love a Tesla Model S, and if there were a Supercharger there, he'd never, ever stop grinnin'. ;-)
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    I went to UA (University of Alabama) and feel that as the SuperChargers start ROLLing out, they'll put them all along I-20, I-59, and I-10.

    Birmingham and Montgomery are intersections for major interstates, so those places make sense. Mississippi is in the middle of nowhere, so it's harder to justify SuperChargers there.

    I hope it's sooner than the 2015 maps, but Tesla seems to be moving steadily forward with them, so 2016, 2017, and 2018 will be here sooner than you realize along with increasing amounts of SuperChargers. And dozens of SuperChargers in both Alabama and Mississippi will exist by 2020.
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