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Model X Prototype in showroom?

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Wonder if Tesla has a "road show" for the Model X prototype at its showroom network right now? I would like to see the car when I visit the US before I make a deposit in HK.


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    The time line is still quite unpredictable for now.

    Model X was even absent for 2014 Detroit Auto Show in January (Model S was there.)
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    I'm heading out to California this week. Does anyone know if there is an X at any of their locations.?

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    I, too, am interested in checking it out in person. I've got a reservation down for it, but the more I look at the 360 view on the website the more I'm unsure whether I'm 100% sold on the aesthetics. Wondering if I should just go with the S instead...

    Any insight as to when the production X will be in showrooms to view is much appreciated!
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    None at this time.
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    You can see a Model X at the Hawthorne design facility. The inside is not finished.
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    OK thanks for the info. I guess I'll just have to wait a few more months.
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    It is rumored (yep, another rumor) that one of the prototypes may be at the Devon, PA. 'gallery opening' in the next couple weeks.
    The Devon location is an old ICE dealership that will probably become a regional delivery/service center on the east coast. Lots of room. It will combine a 'gallery' with a service center. The service part has 8 bays now with the capability of easily expanding to 12.
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    Thanks for the information!
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