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Electric Installation with Got Electric

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Has anyone used Got Electric (the recommended electrician) for their charger installation? I received a $1600 price for the job. (FYI - Single charger and basic installation - but electrical box is far from the garage). I am very excited to get my S85 in August.
Thanks for the help


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    I don't get mine till September!

    Have you heard any more information on Got Electric? I'm thinking about opening a charging station for free use within Washington, DC.

    If you try them out, let me know!
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    Upfront: I didn't select Got Electric. In addition, I still haven't had the work done because the car isn't coming until September and the HPWC hasn't arrived yet. However, I had four electricians out to the house, including Got Electric. They all seemed very professional, but I felt the cost was on the high side from Got Electric(Tesla mark-up). Likewise, I had the feeling Got Electric were very busy and that I would be just another install.

    Thus, I decided to go with Sean Ryan (Ryan Electrical Services). I met him at the Science & Engineering Festival back in April, he was working the Washington area EV association booth. Turns out, he regularly performs inspections/corrections of electrical outlets, HPWC installs, and other home charging issues for the Rockville Service Center. He had good answers to every question and he was very familiar with all of the ins and outs of Tesla. Of course, he hasn't done the work yet, but I feel confident he will handle it well.
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    Thanks ladbound for the quick response. I talked to two electric contractors and both came in within $100 dollars of each other. Both have good reviews/ratings on Angies List. I am just trying to see if anyone on the Forum as used them personally.
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    Good luck. I'm sure someone here has used Got Electric and can advise you accordingly.
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    Ken: Congrats on your upcoming purchase! There are numerous threads in this forum on this topic, so take a moment to find them (since the forum does not have a search engine) and read thru them. A lot depends on whether you are going to go with a simple NEMA 14-50 install or go with an HPWC, or even go with Dominion Virginia Power's EV Pricing Plan (if you live in Virginia). The simple 14-50 installation can be done by any licensed electrician. The HPWC is a bit more demanding in order to meet the 80 amp at-the-plug requirement to meet Tesla's charging specs.

    Because I had my install done almost 2 years ago, I went with Mr. Electric (the only authorized Tesla installer in the area at the time), who not only did my HPWC install but also installed the dual meter required by the Dominion Virginia Power EV Pricing Plan.

    Nowadays you probably have a lot more installers to choose from. In addition to Mr. Electric (who admittedly are on the high price side, but they do superb work and I have had zero problems), you might try Mr Rogers Electric (http://misterrogerselectric.com/), which is run and owned by the son of a good friend of mine. He is certified by Tesla to do any kind of install.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks @JThompson
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    @ken_koffler. Congratulation on your new car.
    I used Mr. Rogers who comes Tesla recommended. I pulled the county permit (saved me $200) and I installed the HPWC back plate to an exposed wall stud before the electrician arrived. The back plate was easy to install. They installed the HPWC. The run is only two feet from my 200 amp box and I had a spare breaker. I had to remind them to set the DIP switches and they installed a 90A breaker. I called the office about the breaker and they came back the next workday and installed the proper 100A breaker.
    I would recommend Mr. Rogers and although I have a very short run, the bill was ¼ what Got Electric quoted you. Good luck.

    https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/14436010320/
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    Got Electric installed my HWWC this week. $1600 for 50 amps $1900 for 100 amps. They also worked on my breaker box, replaced an aging whole house surge protector and cleaned up what remained of 50 year old dead wiring (a rat's nest worse than the cables under my desk), While the total price was not cheap, it was much less than I had feared it would be.

    They were prompt, polite, efficient and cleaned the site up well. I would not hesitate to use them again, nor to recommend them to others, Very high marks! Best R
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    Thanks @rwatson for the comments

    So far my experience has not been that great...
    - They are charging $1900 for a 50amps service (higher than other bids)
    They came to install last Wednesday.
    1. They were suppose to bring a permit, but the master electrician was on vacation and could not get one. They are planning on getting the permit this week.
    2. They initially installed the wrong electrical wire size. After 4 hours, they had to pull all the wire. They had to go to the supply house and get the right wire and re-install. I am glad that I did not have to wait for an inspection to find this out, but I wish they had figured this out before they started the install.
    3. They did not know that they needed to put on a cab (utility box) for Dominion's meter to get the reduced rate (even though I gave them the contact name from Dominion ahead of time and did a three way call to make sure we were all set).
    4. They were suppose to charge me less if they could do it quicker (they were really finished in four hours (before they had to re-do the wiring).

    They are suppose to be giving me a call today to review where we are and come later this week to finish the job. I will give everyone an update.

    I do agree they were prompt, nice, and cleaned up the site. They came ahead of time and checked out the current electrical in the house and to do the bid (charged $120 for this). I guess I expected much more from them, since they are the ones recommended by Tesla (especially for the higher price).
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    I think the distance between your breaker box and the HWWC site determines the cost of the installation, as do the ease of fishing that line and the time needed for the job. I was fortunate to have a comparatively short run to the mounting sight, with trap doors and holes already in place; All he had to do was piggy-back the line over a previous re-up. The $120 fee to check the circuitry and box was credited to the bill for the full job. Sorry to hear of your poor experience; I guess I must count myself lucky, but not prematurely I hope since the inspection is set for Mon 29 July. Mustn't count dem chickens just yet. Ciao R
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    Update: The installation passed theDC inspection.
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    Quick Update: My installation with Got Electric is now complete, passed inspection, and works. They did a good job and ended up taking care of everything. It did end up being more of a hassle than it needed to be. One suggestion for new owners - get the installation done sooner rather than later (in case any issues pop up). I am now waiting for my car to say In Production! It was suppose to happen last week, but I believe it will be a week to two late based on the factory startup issues after the shutdown. Can't wait!
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    My total install cost (parts + labor) of a NEMA 14-50 plug was $150 by a local electrician.

    I was quoted $200 for an install of a HCWC if I supply the charger. I was considering purchasing this later year with the dual charger add-on.

    These install are in close proximity to my breaker box which I am sure helps keep the cost down.

    You may want to shop around a bit.
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    @david, was it a local electrician in Northern VA?
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    Carroll County, MD.
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    I checked with Got Electric and another company on Tesla's recommendation list. I hired Got Electric. They set up a convenient appointment and gave me an estimate $1,395. The other estimate came in considerably higher and did not include the cost to pull the permit. (The other company actually encouraged me NOT to get the permit!) Got's estimate included the permit cost. They pointed out that I would need to be present when the Montgomery County inspector arrives.

    They came promptly on the day they installed it. Our installation job included running the wiring from my basement electric panel outside my house, up the exterior wall and then over a few feet. Then inside my garage attic, across the attic and down the wall on the far side of the attic.

    They needed to go to a hardware store to buy a few extra parts so that the exterior wiring would be stabilized properly and would pass the County's code. Two guys worked for about 5 hours on the job. They explained everything as they went along. They left the job neat and clean.

    While in the garage, they moved another plugin device for us so that the new 50 amp plug, a regular outlet and another device would all be lined up neatly.

    I paid exactly the amount that they estimated - $1,395. It was a lot but they did an excellent job.

    I got a call the next morning from the same person at Got Electric that had communicated with me from their office throughout the process to tell me that the inspection had been called and when it would take place. The County inspector also came two days later (during the time frame that Got had told me it would be). The inspector looked at the job from end to end and passed it.

    I was very pleased with Got Electric and I recommend them.

    I look forward to plugging in!
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    I hired a licensed electrician locally out in Loudoun. The panel is in the basement, so the run was quite long and had to come up and over the garage.

    The whole thing cost $700: new dedicated D-Square circuit breaker, about 50-60 feet of wire, NEMA 14-50R socket and a few hours labor.
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    A big issue to check, and more important to me than cost, was to avoid having a big ugly disconnect box next to the HPWC. Some think this is required when HPWC is not in eyesight of the breaker panel. But in some jurisdictions (or wit hsome inspectors anyway) you can avoid that by instead having a lockable breaker switch -- so you can get the same safety by locking the breaker closed to work on an HPWC that is not within eyesight of the breaker. That saves the cost and bad aesthetics of the big ugly disconnect box.
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