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Language change

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Hello all MS users,

I'm expecting my P85 in a few months but I was wondering if there is an option to change the language of the dash and main screen to French.



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    I'm not aware of any language change options in the USA - just English. For Canada, I suspect if there isn't an option, you can ask service to change it to French. You might ask service too, they may have an option to change the language to any that are supported.
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    Thanks for the reply!

    Kind of a big omission since most American cars have different languages selectable.
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    dleng73, How can you say its a big omission until you confirm that it i or is not available? That seems like an big omission on your part. Teslatap recommend that you contact Tesla service and discuss it with them. I recommend the same thing. They build the cars, they would know.
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    Settings>Language & Units

    US 5.9 manual:
    Customizing Model S
    Touch the Settings tab on the Controls window to adjust Model S to suit your preferences.
    Note: The following illustration is provided for demonstration purposes only. Depending on vehicle options, firmware version, and market region, the options available on the Settings screen may be different. For example, in many regions, the “Language & Units” tab is called “Units & Format.”
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    I think that all cars should have all languages available if they're doing it right.

    In Japan the majority of the cars sold here are both foreign and Japanese language only for displays/tech because of poorly rushed localization projects that didn't compensate for being i18n friendly.

    You never know when you have a native English speaker sharing a household with someone who is a native Anyotherlanguage speaker, the option should probably go a step further and be tied to driver profiles and the interface to change it should be intuitive regardless of current locale.

    (Good design vs good enough design.)
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    For anyone else interested, I checked with tesla and they can load additional languages if you ask them before delivery of your car.....sweet!!
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