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Electrician Recommendation in Rochester to install NEMA 14-50 or HPWC

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Confirmed order Model S 7/1/14, expecting delivery late September. Anyone have a suggestion for a reputable electrician for a NEMA 14-50 or HPWC installation?
Also, not entirely decided on the NEMA or HPWC. I usually drive only 30-40 miles per day and the HPWC is likely overkill, but looks like a more convenient (and pricey) alternative.
Any thoughts would be appreciated. Extremely excited about joining the Tesla community.


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    I like the hpwc for my tesla-s The portable units are more prone to failure which can be inconvenient (mine once died the night before a planned week long trip in the winter in which the car would have discharged in my garage without it. Fortunately Tesla fedex3ed one to me avoiding any issues. I have hpwc for my roadster and model S and have had no issues in four years with the roadster and one with the model s. I say if you can, get the hpwc.
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    Please join chargeny forum as well a general evehicle forum for NY state!
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