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Home charger in Spain

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Hi guys, I have just put in an order for a model s that should hopefully arrive in the UK in October. We have. Home in Catalunia in Spain that we rent out when we don't use it I am there now which has got me thinking, should I install a charger here? It would obviously be good for me, and also potentially for guests. Does anybody know if there is a Spanish scheme similar to the UK one to install chargers or a Spanish company that does it?




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    Hi ShawWellPete,

    I don't know about UK schemes but the guys here:

    Provided me (Barcelona) and at least two other Tesla owners in Spain (you can count us just using the fingers of two hands) with top notch service and a good home wallbox solution. You will need to tell them the amps (16 or 32) and phases (1 or 3) installed at your home in Begur (very nice, btw :-))

    I don't know if they do speak english but it is very likely that they do, at least by email. If not (ans you don't speak fluent Spanish), let me know at davidgranamoran @ and I will help you on that.


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    Gracias David - Es justo lo que necesito!
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    David, I have sent them a request. Thanks again for the tip.

    How do you find the charging network in Catalunia?
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    My pleasure! Although I now think that they are closed during August... you know what August means down here :-( (don't tell anyone :-) but I've the mobile phone number of the person in charge if you're in a hurry, although that won't help much for installation purposes).

    Regarding the charging network in Cataluña, it is really bad. You can judge for yourself:

    This website is conveniently updated and it is a very good resource when travelling around Spain.

    You can see that, actually, Cataluña is the most populated with charging locations (247) in Spain (and by far) but:

    1. 222 are in Barcelona área... easy to see how bad is the situation around other catalan regions (for example, the nearest to Begur is in Girona city itself)
    2. Most (almost all) of the charging stations are slooooow (schuko, 16 amps, monophasic...). A relevant amount are located in parkings or in shopping centers (IKEA, Carrefour, etc).
    3. In most of the cities, to use the public charging stations you need to previously obtain a card from the corresponding townhall and even in some areas you either have to pay for it (the whole year in advance and limiting your consumption, like in my city of residence, Sabadell; two public stations in a city with >200.000 inhabitants) or have to be a permanent resident in the city (Barcelona city!)

    Actually, I've yet to find a faster charging station than my own home (trifasic, 32 amps) but, well, I was delivered my new Tesla just some weeks ago, so maybe it is because I dind't have time for it yet :-)

    And, living in Cataluña and with the Model S range, I'm actually more concerned about charging outside Cataluña :-)

    Waiting, anyway, for the two official Tesla superchagers to be installed in Cataluña this Winter.
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    Gracias David,

    I guess if I can get the car here and have a charger at home there is no problem as I tend to not go to far from home once I'm here.

    I'm not in a big hurry to get it put in as the car is not even here yet, so thanks for the offer but let the man enjoy his holiday!

    If I do get it installed you'll be welcome to use it if you need a top up on the Costa Brava!
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    This is what Luis recommended which should charge the car at 11Kw
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    So they are not on holidays after all ;-)

    No photo of the wallbox itself? If it is the one I have, it is certainly a good deal (much cheaper than what I paid some months ago) although mine is portable not fixed (on my request) and the mennekes cable is also dettachable (i was looking for a fully portable solution... And lot of adapters! :-))

    Also confirm with them if it is the IEC 62196-2 (not the 62196-1). If yes, the wallbox and the cable should be able to charge at 22 kW at 32 amps if you decide to install three phases or increase the amperage (for your comment I'm understanding that you have mono phase at 16 amps, but i could be wrong). I strongly advise to have 32 amps, but 3-phases at home are just totally optional (some call them overkill). 11 kW is more than good enough for home charging (most houses in Spain have 3.7-5.5 kW).
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    Hi David,

    That is a completely fixed solution. The capacity question is a bit complex, I have officially got 8 kw in the house, so Luis recommended I contact the electricity company and increase it to 13kw. My local electrician has told me that I have an old style meter and can happily draw 20Kw until the meter is updated which could be years!

    So I 'm going to leave it as it is and see how I get on with 11Kw charging. I will probably get three phase at home in the UK, but I think after driving 1500km I'll be happy to let the car charge for a few hours and in Spain I tend to not drive too far each day.

    What do you mean by a portable solution? is it the cable that is removable or the entire unit?
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    Wow, never heard about those "old style metters". Would love to have one! :-)

    I had lot of (stupid) issues with my electricity company when I had to increase kW at my home, solved at the end with several (angry) visits to their nearest office, so it's good if you can actually avoid the hasle.

    The entire unit is portable, so on medium/long trips I carry it in the frunk (weights around 6 pounds/3kg) and I can charge almost anywhere thanks to several plug adapters that I also requested... ie: from red 5-pin 3-phase socket to blue 3-pin 1-phase socket to schuko 2-pin socket, etc...; only one missing, apart from Chademo (ruled out by the EU after 2018) is an adapter to plug the portable wallbox to 4-pin (no earth) sockets (the ones you may find in most harbours), which is not feasible AFAIK.
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    Sounds pretty useful, I think I'm better off with a fixed solution as I would like to offer it to clients who rent the house (or friendly Tesla owners who happen to be in the area!).
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    As happy as one can get to see some activity happening in Spain. Coming this october, a new Model S will be in Madrid: my own :)

    Would love to read some tips regarding our country.
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    I am wondering about a second option to the type 2 charger supplied by lugenergy and fitted by my electrician. I also need a portable charging solution so wondering if to just get a 32A Commando socket fitted at home and then get a Juice Booster?
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    I had no idea of what a juice booster and a commando socket are until I googled them now, sorry, can't help. :-(
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    I now have a three phase commando socket installed in the house. If anybody is in the Costa Brava and wants to test it, then give me a shout on peter (at)

    You will need either the Tesla UMC or a Juice Booster or some other kind of Commando Socket to Type 2 cable.
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