Need recommendations for northside body shops

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My car took a four-foot chunk of tire tread across the bows on Monday: I was in the middle of nowhere in the Cali desert, minding my own business in the right lane on cruise control, when some idiot passed me on the left, pulled back into my lane too close, then slowed down (no brake lights) in front of me and kicked up the rubber from under his car. I had no chance.

Anyway, the damage is all cosmetic but includes the front fascia, the nose bowl, the hood, both quarter panels and the right passenger door. I think only the hood and nose bowl will have to be replaced; the other parts can probably be repainted.

I live in Broomfield and would like recommendations for good northside body shops, please and thank you.


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    As far as I know Stuttgart is the only recommended body shop in CO
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    Oh- I forgot to say


    Sorry to hear....
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    I don't need a Tesla-certified shop, Kevin: there's no structural damage.
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    I'm planning to take mine to Stuttgart for an estimate. Some toddlers used rocks to modify the paint on the right side door and hood plus a few small dents.

    I'm sure I did something like that when I was 3 too. Kharma is a bitch :-)
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    Had a little damage today (rt rear door and fender). Is this still the Tesla-approved place? Any feedback from the above posters on work done? I'll call the SC tomorrow for the "official" word on body work.
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    To follow up on my own post, called the SC this morning and they referred me to Stuttgart. Went there this morning and was told that I would have to pay the difference in their labor charges between their charge and what State Farm approves, in the $20 something per hour range.

    In the past, with other vehicles, I've gone to body shops that have a contract with State Farm to accept their payment in full. I guess there is no such thing when a Tesla is involved.

    Comments from anyone with experience?
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    I have had the misfortune to need the services of Stuttgart twice when other drivers decided my P85 needed a remodel. Due to recent hail storms on BOTH occasions, one year apart, my car was in the shop for nearly two months. (damage was in excess of $10K both times) I will say that my car looks as good as the day I took delivery. They are perfectionists and John, the owner, takes great pride in a job well done.

    The driver who hit me this summer was covered by State Farm and they wanted to only pay the standard labor rate as they do not compare this with a Porsche or Maserati. I stood my ground on my $100K car in explaining to the claims agent and Matt at Stuttgart argued on my behalf. (As he has done successfully for others previously.) They did, in fact, cover it 100% in the end. It just took a bit more effort to get it done.

    Waiting for Stuttgart to do the work was worth the wait. Few shops are qualified to work on aluminum. Don't settle for a body shop that does not have the training OR the equipment to work on Tesla vehicles.
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    There's also Coach in Boulder - anyone have experience with them?
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    Try ABC Body shop on East Pearl. They did a fantastic job fixing deep scratches on my wife's Explorer. Her car has a Pearl White multilayer paint. Its very similar to your red.
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