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Has there been any indication whether or not the Model X will have the option for the panoramic roof?

In the videos and pictures I've seen the roof is glass, but I haven't seen the roof open. I hope it will be, but I wonder if the falcon-wing doors will prevent it. Clearly the doors and roof couldn't be open at the same time, but maybe the roof can close automatically as the doors open, and then return to open once the doors are closed.

Here's a picture that shows the roof windows over the front row seats and in the falcon-wing doors:


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    I would think there may be a moon roof - but typically a panoramic roof means most of the roof is glass - this is obviously prevented by the Falcon Wing door design…

    I'm guessing no moon or panoramic roof option…but I'd like to be wrong.
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    Kind of...

    If you look at this thread

    The first picture shows the roof from the top. It looks like it has a panoramic roof that doesn't open. The whole top looks like glass but there are obvious structures where the falcon doors attach. The rest looks clear with maybe shades pulled over in the front...
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    the pictures show a glass roof which could be considered panoramic - color me surprised and very very happy - I had inadvertently associated panoramic glass roof along with a roof that can be opened (since all other cars with a panoramic roof I've ever owned also opened)

    I stand corrected.

    the Model X may come with a glass panoramic roof - but I doubt any portion (other than the front portion) will actually open
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    My current car has a panoramic roof, which from the outside appears to be all glass, but on the inside, there are five openings with screens. the first is the moon roof, which stretches from across. The other four are all front to back and side by side, two per row, so each passenger has their own glass ceiling with a screen that is retractable. Because of the frame for the falcon wing doors, I expect the design to be somewhat similar.
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    I'm the OP. I know that there are moon roofs over the front row seats and in the falcon-wing doors, I posted the images in the thread CRASCH linked above. I've updated the first post above to add the pic that clearly shows these windows.

    What I really want to know is whether there's been any evidence that the front roof window in the Model X will (or won't) open like the panoramic roof in the Model S.
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    From everything that I have seen it does not look like it will open, but the good news is that you will know for certain very soon when the production prototypes start doing the rounds.
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    It looks like the glass roof section over the front seats can't open by sliding to the rear because it would interfere with the falcon wing doors. It is doubtful that it would lift up and slide forward which would not be appealing from an appearance point of view and would be an aerodynamic obstacle. The rear of the window tilting up seems to be the only realistic possibility for movement. The Falcon wing roof windows look likely to be fixed in place.
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