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Call for WA State enthusiasts - Sales Tax extensions!

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Modification to extend the WA State Sales tax credit to 2023 is available for comment online. I'm posting to the WA State forums but that isn't visible for non-registered users so I want to do it here too. This sales tax exemption is 8-10%. It's a substantial subsidy for WA residences and promotes Tesla's brand. =) Take a moment and register a comment! Thanks!


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    That bill is dead as the legislative session is over.

    I wrote my State Rep and inquired as to the status of a sales tax exemption extension, here's his reply:

    "Thanks for reaching out about the sales tax exemption for alternative fuel vehicles. I believe this tax preference has a positive impact on putting cleaner vehicles on the roads promoting the green economy, but passing the exemption could be problematic in the Legislature. Typically, in order to generate enough support to open or renew an exemption, the exemption is bundled into a package with numerous other tax preferences. I haven't heard anything specific from the Governor's office, but at this point it's hard to say what that package might look like in terms of which pills we'd have to swallow to get the exemptions we like.

    I appreciate hearing that this exemption is important to you, and I will be sure to keep my eye out for it next session."

    I'd work on lobbying the Governor's office on the issue --- which should be done now.
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    David - nuts you are right. My fault for not digging into the details. Let's get on the other side of it!
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    This is on Tesla's radar screen-or so I'm told. Maybe Tesla can push up delivery dates for those of us w/reservation numbers that may not make the June 30 delivery deadline? My S was a little early and i'm hoping Tesla will do something to be sure those of us in WA who have X reservations will be able to take delivery before the expiration of the exemptiion. In the meantime we should all be collaring the governor and our reps. to get it extended.
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