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White Plains Service Center closing ...

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The White Plains service center is closing, while new space is located.

Hopefully they will find space soon.

The team in White Plains is awesome.

The space location was not up to standard.


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    I'm sure they're looking to move Long Island city as well. It was inadequate from the get go. Great staff in cramped quarters.
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    I'm pretty sure they'll be "merging" White Plains with Mt. Kisco. I had an appointment at White Plains, and then was advised by the service advisor there that I could choose either Mt. Kisco or Milford, Ct, and that she herself was transferring to Mt. Kisco.

    I work in White Plains, so I was definitely bummed out. I had no problem with the quality of the location, but perhaps from a mechanic's point of view it was too small.

    Peter at White Plains was great.
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    That stinks. I live in White Plains, the convenience (especially for a car that has had a bunch of issues) was great. Do we know whether they really intend to find a replacement center in WP, or are we now looking to Mt Kisco for good?
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    Looking to find a replacement center ....
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    I work in Queens and live in lower Westchester, so the two most convenient centers are gone.
    I am due for my 1 year service.
    Mt. Kisco was very helpful. They will pick my car up and deliver it back once it's done.
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