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Thank You Tim and the Crew of Queens

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Last week was my last visit to the Queens Service center. It was sad to learn this wonderful Team was being broken up. I would like to go on record and say these people were second to none. Thank you all so much for everything you did for me. I was an early vin and parts were not easy to get but somehow Tim and Omar always managed to co e through.

My visits were always a pleasure and I was treated with genuine concern and respect. These are things you don't find very easily. My car was early production and did suffer from some minor problems, handles,defrost upgrade, minor panel adjustments and the like. Even though my concerns were minor I was given top level service from everyone, they wanted the car to be perfect.

Over 18 months and several visits I got to know everyone personally and found them to be wonderful people. I am posting in the open in the hope they will read this and know just how wonderful their service was and how sad I am it is gone.

I used to joke about how much I would call with questions. I felt like I was a pest. My analogy was like a mosquito buzzing around at night while you are trying to sleep, you think you got rid of it only to go back to bed and hear the buzzing once again. It never seems to go away. Like me.

Well Guys and Gals you definitely made a difference and I wanted you and everyone to know it.

Thank you ALL and hope to see you at a new facility VERY SOON!

Bill the mosquito


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    Any idea what's going on, with Queens and now White Plains closing? Is this due to lack of demand? Something else? I work in White Plains, live in Manhattan, and was truly bummed out that White Plains was closing. Where you are going to go now? Mt. Kisco? Milford, CT?
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    @WillEric The facilities at White Plains and LIC have always been inadequate. They are seeking other facilities in order to project a better image and also to give their talented people a top of the line work area to do their magic. It's all good, or at least it will be.
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    It is my understanding Tesla is looking for an adequate facility. I wish they had a new location set up first before closing Queens. A real bummer for me. I always felt completely confident with the work done there. Hope they move on this quickly. The other Service Centers are going to get busy and wait times will increase.
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