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Going to Oswego, NY .... can a Tesla get a charge ....

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My plan is to range charge in Albany SC then head to Oswego.

Can't find a thing in Oswego. Tried a couple of RV locations but there is no available spaces. Nothing on Chargepoint or Plugshare. The SC team sent me a nice email, when I asked about the status of the Syracuse SC which would do the trick for me.

Any suggestions ...


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    This is a tough one. May depend on what your plans are once you get to Oswego, what your set up there is, and how flexible you are on the way. I'm sure you've already seen that there is a chargepoint charger in Liverpool, NY, but that doesn't help unless you're in a position to leave it charging for hours.

    I would do the following: First, post a new topic on the Model S forum as well, asking if there are any MS owners in the Oswego area with a 240 outlet who would be willing to let you charge up for a few hours.

    If that's not an option, only thing I can think of is to drive really, really slowly, like 45 mph, with minimal electronics, from the Albany SC to Oswego. I know that's crazy, but according to the calculator, you could squeeze out 358 miles of range at that speed. Then, once you're in Oswego, if you're staying at a house, you could do a 110 charge overnight, which would put a few more miles on the car. You might then be able to have enough range to get back to the Albany SC.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. My plan is to hit one of the transient RV parks in Oswego. SUNY is supposed to get some EV charging.

    Going to slow it down for sure -- probably not 45. Thinking about juicing up a bit in Syracuse -
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    The Best Western in Syracuse right off of the New York State Thruway(exit 35) has the fastest charger in the area. I think you might have to pay to use it if you are not a guest at the hotel. They do have a restaurant so maybe you could charge while eating. I believe it is a Sun Country 80 amp charger.
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    Thanks @hbh24. There is an RV park 1000 ft from the campus where I will charge at 40a.
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    Worked out - Sunset RV park, short walk from the campus. First EV, let alone Tesla.

    Didn't have a price to charge, asked for $5:00, I gave him $10. Charged for 5 hours. Enough to get back to the SC in Albany.

    Had cabin rentals as well, $75 for single room, $99 for 2 bedroom. Will take them up on Family weekend.
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    Can not believe that RV park is still there a fellow SUNY Oswego Grad 1983
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    @Dave - Yep, still there, although now SUNY Oswego is a Start-up NY site. Bob owner/manager at Sunset RV park
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