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How much does Model S weigh - the definitive answer

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Hey all. There's been much discussion about the weight of Model S, and whether weight has been coming down as the manufacturing process as evolved.

The Model S specs page lists the curb weight as 4,647.3 lbs

Today I took my Model S to a truck weigh scale.

VIN 02298
Dec 2012 build
Air suspension
Solid Roof
21" wheels
Tech Package
Fog lamps
Nappa Leather
Single charger
Parcel shelf
Trunk well cover
Underbody shield
No Ultimate audio
No 3rd row seats
No spoiler
After market PPF and window film.

Excluding driver and all the crap I had in there, the measured weight was 4676 ± 20 lbs. So as close to the spec weight as makes no difference.

Anyone want to do the same with a high VIN and post the results?


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    There's a truck weigh scale right near the Fremont plant. It's just north of it on 880, right before the Auto Mall Parkway exit.
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    Based on Elon's comments it ought to be under 4400lbs...
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    Sorry, a recent VIN should be under 4400lbs.
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    My car was built this past mid March. The sticker on my car lists the GVWR as 5,710 lbs, minus the max cargo capacity of 954 lbs, (per owner's manual) equals a curb weight of 4,756 lbs.

    The only options that one can order that would add any real weight would be the Pano roof, larger wheels and I suppose the lifting mechanism for the rear hatch. Wiring for fog lights, interior LEDs, Alcantara etc, is not going to add that much.

    I have a S85, Pano roof, Tech pkg, leather seats, parking sensors, standard 19's.
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    I wish I had a scale to take my var to :) Would be interesting to deduct the weight of the options based on the results when there are more data points. My guess is, in descending order:
    1. pano roof
    2. air suspension
    3. jump seats
    4. dual chargers
    5. 21 inch wheels
    6. sound studio
    7. sub zero package
    8. tech package
    9. fog lamps
    10. ?
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    Ooops, didn't think about the chargers. Those would add weight. I have the single charger and don't have the rear seats.
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    sorry I meant car, not var
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    I have emailed ownership asking them for the exact weights as of today. No reply for 10 days now.
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    Unless Tesla has and provides the exact weight of each option, you are not going to get an exact weight.

    What does confuse matters is what the owners manual says. It lists the curb weight of the S85 as 4,630 with a GVWR of 5,710. Now unless I am misunderstanding the definition of curb weight, something doesn't add up correctly.

    A car's GVWR is the curb weight of the car plus the max weight it can carry. So 4,630 plus 954 lbs equals a GVWR of 5,754 lbs, yet as I said the manual lists the GWVR as 5710.
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    Funny, I started a thread here in the same tone a couple days ago:

    My vin 34353 came in at exactly 4600lbs on a certified scale with UMC in the trunk and about 10lbs of work items in the car.

    The mystery is when did TMC reduce "100's lbs"??

    The car was manufactured mid march 2014
    Factory installed ti shield
    Solid roof
    Dual chargers
    Cf interior and spoiler
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    Was it a 60 or 85kW?
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    If the battery his empty don't forget to add the weight of the electrons of a full battery.
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    My 85S VIN22xxx with pano did exactly 2100kg ( 4630 lbs) on a certified scale.

    The car was completely empty (no floormats, no cables, no parcel shelf).
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    @toby_wan_kenoby - Hmm. Hadn't thought of that. So with an empty battery my car weighs 4675.999999995 lb (± 20lb)

    @muzzman1/@hans - I assume that weight excludes you?
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    Do we have to figure Opticoat?
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    Correct, the 4630 lbs is excluding persons.
    I remember I also took out the trunk well cover.

    - 19 inch standard Tesla wheels.
    - air suspension
    - dual charger
    - no 3rd row seats
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    If I understand well electrons flow from the POS.end through the outside circuit to the NEG.end of the battery. When charging it is the other way around. So actually the amount of electrons in a full and empty battery is the same.

    I guess loss of electrons only occurs in a dead battery. So by the time that Nickjhowe's car weighs 4675.999999995 lb he is in big trouble.
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    That actual weight puts it only 200# heavier than my former XJ-S. An older XJ-S with the Borg-Warner gearbox would have matched or possibly outweighed the S.

    I posted a while back that through comparing specs, the S is lighter than the Mercedes S Class and a full 1000 pounds lighter than a RR Ghost. I once had a Cadillac which was specified at 6300#, so I don't consider MS to be a heavy car in its class.
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    My 4600lbs excludes me and the car is an MS85
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    can somebody try 60kWh, that would be interesting...
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    So far it looks like cars through VIN 34k+ are still coming in at c. 4600 lbs.

    Anyone got a 50xxx VIN and care to go to a weigh scale?
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    A postive charge means absence of electrons. Please explificate how you get a flow from the POS terminal. Are you counting 'holes'?
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    Have you considered the elephant in the room. DUST :-)
    Removing that could reduce weight by as much as 0.001 lbs.
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    "What is the point of this post?


    Really! Go w/ the specs!!!
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