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Model X pricing ?

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I assume that the Model X pricing hasn't been announced yet.

But are there any "educated" guesses out there?

The reason I ask is that I am considering a Model S, but I don't really need to replace the cars I have. I would want a Model S because it is so cool. Though I could wait for the X which seems to be about a year away, at which point I could better justify selling one of my other cars.

Any serious ideas on price?

Would it be a premium above the Model S or could Tesla do what Apple often does when they announce a new model. They lower the price of the older model and price the new one at about the same price as the old one used to be.

Could Tesla do that?

If the Model X was about the same price as a similarly equipped Model S or no more than $10,000 more I would certainly consider it. If its much more than that, probably not.

Would they weight be much more? How about battery miles range?


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    Elon have stated that the price on the MX will be low single digit percent higher than a similar equipped MS. Of course we don’t have the price of a MS equipped with AWD, so I don't really know what that means.

    Since it will be a bit bigger, it will weight a bit more. And because it will be higher it will have a bigger frontal area, with means more drag, which means lower mileage.
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    weigh a bit more

    JB and Elon have said they've leveraged the second motor to keep mileage stable. Tricks of the trade.
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    Compare the price of a fully optioned top-of-the-line Tesla Model S to the maxed out BMW 7-Series, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, or Porsche Panamera. I believe the Tesla Model X in full trim will compare favorably to a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S in a similar fashion, and possibly the Mercedes Benz ML63 AMG and BMW X6 M as well.
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    I packaged a Model S on the Web site to estimate the price of the Model X. I fully loaded the S, 85 Performance +, Tech package, etc. I think the only thing I left out was the cold weather package (I am in Atlanta).

    It priced out at 120K! assigning a 10% uplift, I would have to compare to an SUV from BMW or Porsche at 130K. Now one can deduct the Federal Tax Credit, and GA Tax Incentives (I will have to figure out how to maximize their availability). So that would make the net $132K - $12.5K or back to the $121K for the Mod X. To replace my Audi SUV with an current Diesel Model fully loaded would be $90K. A similar priced BMW X5 would be about the same. The BMW Model X6 is slightly more. Porsche Cayenne can get really pricy. Best estimate of the "equiv" model is $110K.

    Quite honestly, a Fully-loaded Tesla Model X will have a premium price, and therefore needs to compete with similar amenities not currently in the Model S. I hope that is part of the delay and "better-than-the-prototype" that we have been hearing.

    I am committed to the Model X...Rumor has the new Audi Q8 EV at $130K, but its availability is 2017 at the earliest. I think there is an environmental responsibility. Even at a $10-20K premium, I will get the Model X -- Unless Tesla really screws it up with lack of features that are now common in high end SUV's.
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    A reasonably well-equipped MS 85 without the performance adders prices out at $89K.

    I expect that a similarly equipped MX will cost between $95K and $100K before incentives and tax.
    A little more Aluminum, an added row of seats, an extra drive unit, a little more paint and glass, and those tricky doors...
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    Thanks georgehawley I recognize that I could have a nicely equipped Tesla Model X for less.... the reason I priced fully loaded was to match what those things I am used to having.

    My 2007 Audi Q7 has 400 HP (ICE of course); Air Suspension; Auto Lift gates (open and close); 3rd row passenger seats; lane departure warnings; 4 zone air and heat; heated seats; auto window wipers; 4 levels of ride control; auto dimming mirrors inside and out; all wheel drive; 21" Wheels; 14 Speakers with sub woofer; Sat Radio; Voice Dialing (number and name); voice navigation; Dual Displays (albeit not a 18")which can be used for radio/phone/nav, etc. separately. That is why Elon M. said his Q7 is the best SUV on the road.
    As I said, due to my concern for the environment, I am committed to the Model X. I would only desire that Tesla X has a similar package of amenities common in high-end SUVs which Tesla is competing --it will allow them to compete now and in the future.

    The amenities listed above aren't on the latest/greatest SUV.... this is a 2007 vehicle, Audi's Q7's first model year. That is the Bar that Tesla needs to aspire. It is important to know your competition...they are working to replace Tesla every day. I have no doubt that the German Engineers may produce the Q8 EV with the same competitive zeal.
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    My 2 cents. The MX will sell for $7-10K more than a comparable MS and perhaps another $5K for the third row seats.
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    Despite Elon's desire to bring electric vehicles to the masses, his price increases suggest that he isn't there yet. I suspect the Model X will be around 10% more expensive than a comparable Model S. I'd prefer he drop the AWD and try to bring it in at the same price, but he's probably put in the second motor to achieve the mpg he wants despite the larger frontal area.
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    Tesla is caught between a rock and a hard place. I bet Elon would love to price the MX as low as possible but he can't because he has to protect the resale values on the MS. Remember, Tesla is guaranteeing the resale values of the MS.

    Everyone knows the MX is basically the same as an MS in SUV form + AWD. But he will have to do a small bump to justify the AWD and probably a few new features and protect resale of MS.
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    More likely to give away more miles on the MS and maintain the miles for the MX rather than lower the price.
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    "aljjr2 | AUGUST 28, 2014
    Thanks georgehawley I recognize that I could have a nicely equipped Tesla Model X for less.... the reason I priced fully loaded was to match what those things I am used to having."

    The point is, you are adding many thousands of dollars to the price of the Model X by adding performance options, then comparing by price. I see a 0-60 time of 8.3 seconds listed for your Q7. Wouldn't the standard performance MX be much better than what you are used to?

    I agree with your point that if the car is going to compete as a luxury vehicle, it needs the features of a luxury vehicle. The newness of electric drive will only take it so far. Crazy good performance is a game-changer for a SEDAN and other missing amenities might be forgiven. Comfort and safety features are much more important for the SUV/CUV luxury segment and must be addressed.

    But I'll still buy one if they aren't.
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    The Audi Q7 V8-4.2 (no longer avail in US) is 7 Seconds -- not Porsche like, but adequate for a 5300 Pound SUV. Maxing out is not something I do. At $600 Bucks a tire (295x35x21), I don't do peel outs, or place stress on the vehicle to its max.

    I agree driving with Electric motors is addictive. I am not arguing against the Model X. Looking forward to getting one. My point is simple --- Like Pan Am, or Blackberry, a company's leadership position can fade quickly. The BMW's and Audi's of the world are committed to their quality and leadership in the marketplace. Audi has been testing the new Q7 mules for 3 years. They know this is a marathon. There is no time for Tesla to be complacent--driver amenities are as important in the long run as technology and power. If not others will close the gap they currently enjoy.

    We drive from the INSIDE the vehicle. Ultimately, that becomes where we see, use, hear and demand comfort, convenience and safety.

    Overall for the planet, it would be a good thing to have many competitive EV's. Since Tesla lead the way to save the environment, I would like them to remain in the forefront.
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    In the marathon, the ICEs are running backwards.
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    FYI... Tesla Motors is not a luxury car company. Check their promotional materials, website, YouTube, vimeo, Facebook, twitter... The word <i>'luxury'</i> is not mentioned. They do use the phrase <i>'premium electric vehicles'</i>...

    By contrast, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, AUDI, Jaguar, ACURA, Infiniti, Lexus... use the word <i>'luxury'</i> repeatedly.
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    @Brain H

    "JB and Elon have said they've leveraged the second motor to keep mileage stable. Tricks of the trade."

    Yes I learned that from selecting pumps for my koi pond. Two pumps with combined output of a single one consumes less energy. That's likely the reason why they made the original optional second motor default now.

    @aljjr2 MX will accelerte much better, note I say better instead of just faster, than any of those SUV you mentioned. You will be addicted to the quick and smooth power transfer from the instantaneous torque and never want to go back to the regular SUV. I say this as an MS owner and previous Porsche driver. MX will likely to be much more stable than other SUV too because of the low center of gravity.

    Also you should factor in savings in gas and maintanence when comparing cost. How you help the environment is an added benefit. No more of that guilty feeling when driving the monster.
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    "We drive from the INSIDE the vehicle."

    To me it's "We DRIVE from the inside the vehicle." A car is to be driven. Everything else I can get in the comfort of my living room. I understand others may have different ideas of why they want to own a car. That's why there are so many car brands for people to choose from.
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