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Model X 9 seater option in demand?

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With 2 in the front, 3 in the second row, 2 more in the third row and 2 more rear facing child seats we could be looking at an industry first 9 seater.

I don't see why Tesla would not offer that option. Not sure how big that market would be. But it would not take much to offer that option and cover an even wider spectrum of potential customers.

My guess is 1/10 people would want that option. Any opinion either way from you folks? Who would or would not want this option?


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    While I appreciate your desire. I would suspect the requirement for more that 7 passengers would be far less than 10.
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    opps. 10 percent.
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    I would ordered 9 seater.
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    There's not enough room for a fourth row without stretching the Model X at least an extra 12"-18". The space behind the current third row is nowhere near as large as what is behind the second row in a Model S. It's essentially just a deep compartment, and has no flat space in front of it for a fourth row to fold out. I'm guessing this compartment is also where the third row would fold away to.
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    The current cargo space will be exceptional, even for seven passengers. You'd be reduced to frunk only with another row of seats. Plus, the height & weight of those occupants would have to be reduced further, making it appropriate for preschoolers and younger -- unless you stretched the wheelbase to Chevrolet Suburban levels. Even then, it would be nigh impossible to see to their needs in transit, you would have to pull over, because third row passengers would not be able to reach the rear-facing fourth row adequately. This option might work best in a Generation III minivan instead, making a standard issue roof rack easier to use as well.
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    I think by asking for 9 seats you are pushing for a dedicated minivan frame. With a removable seat between the second row captain seat, you might be able to squeeze 8 people, albeit small ones, in the model X, config 2-3-3, and keep all the luggage space. The other thing you could do is to take a 60's VW minibus and put it on top of a MX platform. Your drag Coef. would go to the pits but you would be able to carry a boat load of people...Just for comparison look at the specs of a leading minivan vs the MX:
    Toyota Sienna Model X

    Length 200.2 197

    Width 78.1 82

    Height 68.9 64

    Wheel base 119.3 120.5

    Drag coef 0.309 ?
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