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I am buying a new house - which outlet should I have them install in the ?


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    Most say that a NEMA 14-50 outlet is more than enough for residential use. I think that means it would be installed on a 240v 100A circuit. The same line can be adapted for use with the HPWC. Whether or not you can take full advantage of either option depends upon whether or not your vehicle will have dual chargers.
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    install the 100 amp breaker and 100 amp rated wiring. If you don't want the HPWC now, just put the 14-50 on the end, when you do decide to go HPWC you already have done the hard part - running the proper wiring.
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    The cost to run 100 amp circuit for new construction should be much lower than retro-fitting it to an older house. Run the 100 amp circuit. You will be very happy you did either because a) you eventually decided to get the HPWC or b) resale value. I believe wiring for BEVs is going to be a real consideration in buying a house in the not too distant future.
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    Are you sure it's within code to install a 50amp outlet on a 100amp breaker, sounds kinda dangerous.
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    "Are you sure it's within code to install a 50amp outlet on a 100 amp breaker, sounds kinda dangerous."

    A 50 amp receptacle does not meet NEC code requirements for a 100 amp branch circuit. Good question I had to look it up.

    NEC 210-21(B)(1)
    "(B) Receptacles.
    (1) Single Receptacle on an Individual Branch Circuit.
    A single receptacle installed on an individual branch circuit shall have an ampere rating not less than that of the branch circuit."

    I would Install the100 amp wire ( #2 awg) if you decide not to get the HPWC and purchase dual chargers replace the 100 amp circuit breaker with a 50 amp circuit breaker $24.50 on Amazon (Square D ) and use a NEMA 14-50 outlet.
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    I have a model X reserved and I am having the outlet put in the garage now because I am having other work done on my house. I have read on numerous other threads which I cannot find now the ridiculous prices people are getting quoted for an install.

    I am having a NEMA 14-50 outlet installed in my garage with upgraded wiring just in case I decide to upgrade to the HPWC in the future. The electrician stated all he would have to do is come back and swap for a 100 amp breaker. I was quoted $900.00 and my breaker box is over 70 feet from where the outlet is going to be installed in my garage. 70 feet is pretty far, most people will be way under that. Unfortunately my breaker box is on the complete opposite side of my house and in the basement. I have been seeing quotes between 1000-3000 dollars on different threads. This is also a electrician recommended by Tesla. Don't get scammed people get multiply quotes.
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    The answers come from US.
    I am building a new house in Denmark and have to make installations for my reserved model X in my house in Norway.
    Anyone from Denmark/Norway who could tell me what to install ?
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    Denmark, ask your TESLA Denmark Service Center. Bet they have the correct answe.
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    I agree with vperl, however, the standard voltage in the Norway is 230 volts anyway, so what matters in the end is the amps. I recommend installing a 100A or better line from the electrical box to the outlet location. You can always decide later exactly what breaker you want based on the outlet you choose, and have it connected at that time. It is a lot less expensive to put in the line while the house is being built, than adding it later. The charge rate for Norway should be about the same as the US, so with a standard plug in the garage the charge rate is 50km per hour and with the HPWC the charge rate would double, if the car is equipped with dual chargers.

    In my case I just went for the Tesla specific HPWC, because I like the way it looks, and I intend to be driving my Model X for a long time. People recommend the 50A outlets because it can be used by just about any EV and also appliances. I have a general outlet in my garage for tools etc., but really want to be able to charge as fast as possible when the need arises, even if it is only once per year.

    I have had my HPWC for more than a year already, so I really anticipate the arrival of my car. The charge rate for Norway should be the same as the US, so with a standard plug in the garage the charge rate is 50km per hour and with the HPWC the charge rate
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    @kkronholm. I just looked at the above ground installation requirements for the HPWC. The instruction I have includes a page on Europe, and specifies 230V Above ground. The suggested wire for branch circuits of 100A is 3 AWG 75degree C Copper wire. Ground wire should be a maximum of 4 AWG. It is further stated that when connecting the Line and Neutral wires, care must be taken ensure that the service transformer secondary connection is definitely known. There is a diagram in the booklet with illustrations showing the most commonly used wiring format in Europe.

    There is also a warning note indicating that the High Power Wall Connector is a single-phase device, and that all 3 phases of the three phase feed should not be used. This limits the voltage, but charging at 80A, 230/240V will provide the fastest charge possible anyway.

    My advice, is also to contact your closest Tesla Service center, and inquire about getting an HPWC, and whether they have recommendations. I got the HPWC and it came with a color instruction booklet, which is clear, concise and well written, will be more than sufficient for most qualified electricians.
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    My friend and I are buying a Tesla Model S in the UK and are having a US HPWC installed free of charge. He is moving soon, however, and would be able to get the EU version at the new house, but apart from offering charging to say Diplomats, or American/Japanese travellers who are in London with their Teslas, what use would this charger have?

    I was thinking of snapping up a ton of US HPWCs and laying them around London for auto-tourists or migrants. I could add and advetise the chargers for tourists to ship their cars, possibly offering guided EV tours later on, in their own cars or doing the Gumball Rally and having a US charger installed at every hotel the contestants would stop at
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    Is the charging port on the UK cars the same as that on the US cars? I thought all the UK/EU cars used the Mennekes standard port.
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    My opinion is the HPWC is the only way to go Tesla has now reduced the price to $750 I paid $1200 for mine. Any electrical device that depends on slip together tech is subject to wear and possible plug fires and over heating . The only connection you make with a HPWC is the rock solid tech with the car itself.
    I sell Nema 14/50 wall plugs in my store these are not recommended for daily plugging and unplugging . Most are used once until the appliance is replaced. Tesla has way more problems with the Nema device 14/50 I think rather than the HPWC. They replaced the adaptor once.
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    Does anyone have any experience with home charger installation in Rancho Mirage area? i received one quote that seemed exorbitant. Thanks.
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