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Manhattan Garage Beam (ChargePoint) to Blink EV Charger Blues

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DISCLAIMER: This topic concerns a first world problem. If first world problems offend you, please choose/troll another topic.

The Beam (ChargePoint) charger in my garage broke down a few months ago and has just been replaced by a Blink charger.

Previously I paid $99/month for unlimited charging with Beam which uses the ChargePoint network of EV Chargers. One benefit of this is that I had access to ChargePoint Chargers nationally, always at no fee to charge.

The new Blink charger is slower (16 MPRPH) as opposed to the old Beam (ChargePoint) charger (20 MPRPH) but also costs $0.49/kW. This is rapidly becoming uneconomic.

Anybody else have this happen? Anybody still using Beam? I am informed by my garage management team that Beam and ChargePoint have been bought out by Car Charging Inc and that their intention is to replace all Beam and ChargePoint EV stations with Blink.


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    Not sure where you are in NYC, but if you're a casual driver, the LAZ parking garage in the Eventi hotel (29/30th and 6th Ave) was great for me. I loved that garage because of two entryways (29th and 30th) and I got a ridiculous "storage" rate deal online that was far better than anything I could find at competing garages... something like $250/month but you paid $10 each time you took it out which worked out great since I typically drove on the weekends.

    The garage was clean and professionally run. I have no economic interest in it and was just a happy customer. The reason I bring it up is because there was a Tesla owner in there and they definitely had charging setup - not sure what protocol and cost, but worth giving these guys a shout (LAZ parking or the hotel). Location = top notch too.
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    remember that you can always strike a deal with the garage about a regular 120 or 208 V outlet and skip the whole chargepoint card and adapter hassle. I pay $50/mo for unlimited charging in Manhattan
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    Charge point was not acquired by Car Charging, Beam was acquired and in the announce stated they would work with Chargepoint Network.

    As @Olof said, your best bet as a regular customer would be to work a deal with the garage to plug in somewhere. A 120v, while slow may take care of your needs.

    The model seems to be for NYC parking garages seems to be directed towards "destination" charging, going the theater and need to charge the leaf, i3 etc. not nightly "fill-ups".
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    I don't understand the technical discussion, but Parkfast on Centre St, north of Canal, charges Teslas free.
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